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Complaints Policy

Below you will find our policy on reporting content to us that you feel should not be within our website and what happens during the process.

General Outline

1. Users may report any content that they feel may be considered illegal or abusive.

2. All complaints will be reviewed and resolved within seven business days.

3. The decision of our staff will be emailed to the consumer placing the complaint upon resolving of the issue, at which point they will have the opportunity to appeal our decision.

4. If content is found to be illegal or abusive in nature, it will be removed from the website/network immediately.

5. If we reach a disagreement during this process, or appeal process if applicable, the issue will be turned over to a neutral body to access the situation and rule on its outcome from a fair and unbiased position.

Where Does Our Content Come From?

The content found within our network is not user uploaded. It is not possible for a random person to add content of any kind to any area of our network. None of the content is stolen or repurposed from another website, tube site, forum or social media outlet online.

All content found within our websites is created from one of three sources:

1) A Model filmed/photographed her own content.

We work directly with several models that create content for our website(s) or their website within our network. 

2) We filmed/photographed the content ourselves.

We physically have filmed and photographed thousands of items found within our website(s)

3) We licensed the content from a production company.

We work with several companies online to license several scenes, photo sets etc for use within our network.

The three creative outlets outlined above are where our content comes from, and we have legal documents including identification and contracts for every image and video found within our network.

If you would like to file a complaint or report regarding any content found within our network of sites, please email us at: complaints (at) bellapass (dot) com with the subject: REPORTING A COMPLAINT.

In this email, please include all data pertinent to our investigation including where the content is found, what the complaint or issue is and what the source of this complaint is.

Example; If it is you in the content, tell us it is you and detail the circumstances, so we know you are indeed this person and not someone that has made a false claim. If you have been contacted by someone, and they wish you to resolve this on their behalf, tell us who that is, where or how they contacted you, how you are in touch with them and how we can contact them to verify your claim.

The more information you can give us, the quicker we can resolve the situation.