$250 + Nintendo GIVEAWAY!

Hey babes!  James was most amazing today and filmed a vlog to explain how our youtube celebration giveaway is going to work.

YAY 100,000 subscribers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Subscribers REALLY help us, same with views and comments and likes, the youtube algorithm thinks kindly of all of these things!

So if you’d like to enter, we’d really love to give you some sweet stuff, watch the video and you’ll see exactly how to enter!

—> https://gleam.io/YXC8X/100k-followers-giveaway <—

Gifs are fun!

I’ve taught myself how to make gifs… are you ready for a ton of them?! Just a few for now, a sexy bathing suit striptease, a snapchat video strip, and a sexy geeky girl in her underwear.  All videos for my members (except snapchat) soon! 😉

bryci sexy boob gif

bryci sexy snapchat gif

bryci sexy strip gif

Podcast 5 – Bad Al Pacino

Well, he called it bad… I consider it a great Al Pacino impression.  But hey.

I hope you’re subscribed to our youtube.com/ourbellalife channel, or anywhere you listen to your podcasts because episode FIVE is now out!  I’m trying to keep all my social medias up to date across the board whenever I do something new but the best way to insure you’re getting the new content as soon as it goes live is to be subscribed to wherever you love that content!

Today we talked about what’s new with us of course, James’ progress on his healthy eats, plus our take on James Gunn getting fired from Guardians of the Galaxy 3, the #metoo movement, and if society is just too darn sensitive nowadays.

Grab some snacks, throw this one on in the background while you life, because it’s almost 2 hours long.  Enjoy!


Get ready for a diary type blog post because it’s been a long time coming.  I usually never respond to shit like this because it fires me up, which isn’t great for my anxiety and stomach ulcer.  But today I just feel like I need to say something because if I feel like this, then other girls and women out there feel like this, and I want to tell them girl, be you! Yes! Fuck the haters, you are one fiiiiine woman just the way you are!


#bodypositive because fuck you if you don’t like it. learn to go find what you like and leave people live their life exactly how they want to. Why? Because don’t YOU want to live your life the way YOU want to without some asshole trying to tell you that you’re doing it wrong?

Be kind. If for no other reason than that’s how you wish others to treat you.

Guess what.

I’ve put on weight.

Guess what.

I’m happier than I’ve been in the prior 8+ years where I ate a “model diet” and deprived myself of having fun with friends at restaraunts, enjoying Christmas dinner with family, or doing dumb things like zero carbs, zero this zero that in hopes that I wouldn’t have cellulite because I put my nude body online and was worried cellulite, rolls, or anything but skinny wasn’t sexy.

CONFIDENCE IS SEXY.  HAPPINESS IS SEXY. And you know what?  There  is a body shape and size that someone finds sexy.  I might not be your cup of tea.  But baby, I am SOMEONES cup of tea.  And all I want is to be MY OWN CUP OF TEA.

I am happy, I am living my life finally.  I am not hungry and angry and weak anymore.  I lift heavy shit.  I eat poutine.  I also eat salad and make sure I’m getting my vitamins.  I have a fucking FUN ass to grab now and my husband gives absolutely no fucks that I’ve put on a little weight.

If you do?  I feel sorry for you.  There are a lot better things in life to be concerned about than appearance.  Especially someone elses.

(This was inspired by a youtube comment on a 1 million view+ video that I’ve “gotten chunky” and that he was concerned about my appearance because my career depends on it.  But he said, no offence, so that makes it ok.)

bryci custom videos

It’s time for a summer sale!

Summer means… summer sales!  I’ve got way too much stuff in my closet, and with my bathroom deciding it was time to flood the house, that means plumbers and strangers going through my stuffs.  So help a girl get rid of some of her porny looking things, and fix my bathroom 😀

I’ve got TONS of stuff if you aren’t into the porny things too.  Original artwork, snapchat, polaroids, even shoes, clothing, and toys.  The clothing + shoes are 50% off too – use code JULY50 and you’re set!

Everything comes signed, and 99% of things come with the possible add ons like signed photos or polaroids of me wearing the item, a modelling (striptease) video wearing it, all fun things for fun times.

I even have unisex merch with sexy little toons on them, created from photos that I’ve taken in my photoshoots.  They’re neat, and you need one.  (Or, if you have an idea for merch that isn’t shown please shoot me a comment here! I love creating new goodies!)

–> shop.bryci.com <–

First podcast is LIVE!

Go watch go watch!  Or search “ourbellalife” in your fav podcast software and you should find us if not now then in a couple days.

Let us know if there is anything you’d like to hear us talk about, send us your Sex Talk (or relationship) questions, or download the Anchor.fm app on your phone, register (free) and leave us a voicemail to play on our podcast!

I get a lot of interesting dm's. I generally don't go in there because you don't know if it'll be a polite fan or a dick pic or a dick pick from a polite fan..My husband @bellapass (JD) did a youtube video months back where he read my DM's and people seemed to enjoy it. So later this week, he's back at it, making friends..Our youtube can reached by going to bryci.tv – don't forget to subscribe!.#youtuber #ourbellalifedotcom #brycidottv #bryci #jdbella #ourbellalife