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by on Dec.31, 2010, under Uncategorized


Today I got to see Tron! It was 3D in theatres and to be honest I wasn’t expecting to love it. It seems like such a dude movie and although I hadn’t seen the trailers… I guess I just wasn’t expecting it to be up my alley. But armed with my 3d glasses we got great seats in the middle of the theatre (no headaches for us!) it was awesome. The only other 3d movie I had seen was Avatar and we had to sit way over on the side of the theatre so I ended up with a headache, but Tron it was way better. I looked like a dork with my 3d glasses on and loved it, sat with my popcorn and water I had a blast. It totally brightened my day! I left glad that there isn’t a Tron world but sort of disappointed at the same time. I love movies that leave you fantasizing and daydreaming of another world, but then again I’m a natural born dreamer :)

Tonight there is nothing on the agenda! I’m planning on staying in and just hanging out, maybe going out to grab some supper since it’s Friday and that usually means date night.. but are restaraunts usually incredibly packed on new years eve? I have no clue. I suppose I’ll call down and ask just to make sure, it’s way too cold outside to risk an un-needed trip. My already cold toes agree. What I want to know is what you have planned for NYE! I hope everyone parties their ass off and has loads of fun but still stays safe and cabs it home :)

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