Live in the moment

I’ve really been trying to live by this mindset lately, being mindful and living in the moment. Appreciating the little things, like the sun on your face, a happy Jack, or an awesome swingset when I take Jack to the park. Sometimes it’s difficult because I’m one to fit as many things in my brain as possible usually, but I’m trying to stop. Anything worth doing isn’t easy, right? ;)

I’m all caught up on my website! I’ve got oodles of photo shoots prepped and put into my coming soon area, videos are being done as we speak, and all I’ve got left is to put 2 more sets of candids in for this and next week. Who wants double candid sets for the next few weeks?! Oooh I know you do ;)

Tonight at 8pm EST I’ve got a webcam chat for my badass members of (and any site that has babechat access) and I’ve got a REALLY cool outfit planned. It’s brand new… and nope it’s not the outfit I wore for my halloween photo shoot ;)

Today I’m getting my calendars situation sorted out, finding a good printer, getting the images picked, figuring out how many I’d like, finding shipping envelopes for said calendars.. I’m hoping it doesn’t take too long. As I sit here dazed looking at my computer screen. I’m still half asleep, but I did manage to wake up an entire 2 hours earlier today than I normally do. I really enjoy late nights.. but I think I enjoy super early mornings better. I mean, 5am when most of the world is still asleep and there are no cars, the air is fresh.. it’s just so peaceful. Plus I get SO much more accomplished when I wake up early, rather than stay up really late. And you guys benefit from me getting more accomplished so, win win right?!

What are you up to this fine ass Tuesday? I’m about to go jump in the shower and take a TittyTuesday pic for twitter (you should make an account just to follow me.. I post hot candids all the time, whaaat!) I’m also thinking about hopping on MFC for a bit to say hay and hang out, taking last week off from camming meant I got to get SO caught up on my site, it feels great :D Stay classy Cincinnati!

Who likes pizza?

I’ve been on a pizza kick lately, and I found a new favorite.. this spinach pizza is to die for. I know it sounds gross, but you’ve really got to try it, it’s nothing like you would imagine. You can grab one at Walmart for $7 or something? I like having food in the freezer that I can just throw in when I’m being ultra lazy about cooking (which is definitely not all the time…. )

I’ve also been craving just the crappiest of crappy foods lately too. Midnight? Sureee I’ll help myself to 5 white chocolate Lindt chocolates (which btw are my favorite). Supper time? Fruit loops are in a food category right? Sigh.. oh well I plan on getting some nutrients in me this week so I don’t feel like the walking dead. Today I’m making santa fe chicken, steamed beans and baked baby potatoes for lunch :D Supper… well we’ll see for now. I feel like I could eat sushi for breakfast lunch and dinner lately. I finally got all the ingredients I need (except sticky rice.. I can’t find that stuff anywhere) and an AWESOME sushi roller (thank you!) so I can finally make sushi at home. Sounds tiring to me haha! I also picked up some rice wraps and vermecelli to make some awesome vietnamese salad rolls at home this week yeaaaa! I’ve just got to pick up some spicy sate sauce because I don’t want to spend 4 hours making my own. I decided that Thursdays are now Turkey Taco Thursdays at my house. I’m having trouble “growing up” and figuring out what I should eat, and buy at the supermarket.. so why not just make Thursdays a guaranteed taco night? That way I’ll always know what to buy, and they’re really easy to make :) Enough about food, that sure was long winded hey? What can I say.. it’s been on my mind, me and my cooking. Hope you have a fantastic day, I’m helping teach Katie some coding and stuff today! <3



Yayyyy it’s friday! I’m so happy :D I just got back from a late lunch at Dennys since I was craving french toast…

..and it was so good. Picked up some Tim Hortons coffee on the way home for good measure, and I’m all set. I’m starting to plan my big adventure for December to go home and visit my family, I’m excited! :) Family is where it’s at for me, I’m not a bar star or a party girl, I like the simple pleasures in life and that means good times with good people. And Jack, can’t forget the Jack bunny. :D

Today I also paid bills (booo) but on a happy note I pulled up my big girl socks and finally started a retirement fund! Yayyy for feeling like an adult (even though it’s 1% of the time) hehe! Next up is to start a house fund… dun dun dun! Exciting :D

On a side note, my hair is finally long enough to get into a ponytail, hooray! I hope you guys have an awesome weekend, I’m thinking about going out on the town with my camera and playing photographer, since I’m getting a “my photos” section ready for the inside of my site :) Hopefully I can get some cool photos for someones desktop wallpaper out there!

Super creepy sneak peek

I like my spycam :) I had a little fun with whoever was watching last night, I was almost ready to leave to shoot my halloween photo shoot.. but decided to do a little freaky pose haha. This looks sooo creepy! This is your only hint for my halloween photo shoot.. any guesses? It’s a 2 in 1 costume just so you know ;)

Screen Shot 2011-10-19 at 9.42.04 PM.png

What’s new pikachu?

A little bit of this, a little bit of that :D I’m feeling extra quirky today, which I suppose is a good thing because… dun dun dun…. I’m shooting in my halloween outfit tonight! We’ve found the perfect location, finally got all the extra little goodies we need for props.. wow I’m so excited. I’m using an outfit that was bought for me (Thank you Charles!) off my wishlist, but I’m going to modify it a bit… hehe you’ll just have to wait and see. I’m going to get it finished and put into the “coming soon” section inside my website as a teaser, because I’m a sweetheart like that :P heh!

Other than that, I’ve been screwing around with the settings on my camera, while thinking of cool things to attach my gorillapod to. It’s AWESOME! I got a heavy duty one so it holds my Nikon D5100, and I’ve already got some cool ideas for photo shoots and videos (did I mention it shoots HD video too?) so I’m excited.

photo 1.JPG
I’m getting together candids, my photography, some new photo shoots + videos for my “coming soon” area and throwing it all into my site tonight/tomorrow. SO excited! I love improving my site, and adding new fun things to it. I also posted in the bellaforums, a special thank you to my members.. I’m starting a Christmas card list! So if you want a Christmas card from yours truly, signed and personalised.. go sign up and get in the forums already! :D Off to get ready for my photo shoot!