Feeling like a princess

Thank you all for the gifts <3 Monday just got a WHOLE lot better!!!

My weekend

It was so fun! OK well Saturday I worked a bit on the computer which I shouldn't have, taking time off means you stay sane. I love working on my site, but after a while you need to do something different than what you usually do. Get out and play! So that's what I did Sunday, I took Jack...

Why can’t I wake up?

Oh that's right.. because I am ditching coffee and caffeine from my diet! Not to mention eating cleaner, which also means no heavy foods in the evenings so I feel better during the day. Mmmm lettuce wrap burger ^.^ Excuse the no makeup, I was in relax casual mode! I got out of the house today though while it was...

Country girl

A little western doesn't never hurt right? I love this photo shoot.. I actually wore this outfit in a recent webcam show and you guys loved it so much that you requested a photo shoot in it! A little secret… when I'm feeling ultra girly and wanting to read a romance novel, my favorites are westerns! I'm not sure...

Movie time

I love movies.. and I love making movies ;) Ready for some BryciTV? True HD, 1920x1080 .. watch me enjoy myself ;) Sign up now to watch the whole movie!