I’m having Retro Month in my site right now! Here’s a throw back to an oldie but a goodie.. I gotta do more of these cool shoe/panty grab pics, they’re sexy 😉


Shameless self promotion time

Yep it’s that time again.. every Monday my members area has a photoshoot update 😀 I haven’t done a black and white for a while and keep getting requests so here ya go! It looks neat with water :)


This weekend was kind of weird for me, lots of life reflection and thinking I guess, it always seems to happen in December. I think because the year is coming to an end and next year is shiny and new! But I got some stuff figured out and I am back to my happy self :) I still haven’t really gotten my heartburn under control, but at least I have some ginger ale, crackers and have banished spicy foods to help! So I’m happy to say I can come hang out with you guys tomorrow night at my weekly webcam chat on Babechat at 8pm EST :)

I also redid my store a little bit, added a couple things (a 2nd photo size for signed pics, Christmas cards for non-members) and lowered some prices because it’s December and Christmas month kicks us all in the butts. So go take a peek and see if there’s anything you’d like :)


Friday Fan art

I love getting fan art <3 I feel so loved! These were done by on twitter for us Bella ladies. Clicky for full size if you want these for your desktop.