Flip it, rewind!

This week has been such a strange week for me. I’ve been feeling oddly under the weather, that kind of feeling you have when you’re tired all the time, but when it comes to bedtime you’re not sleepy enough to fall asleep? As well as just doing things out of the normal for me (getting my calendars shipped out to their new homes for example) and sort of feeling like I’m losing my brain because I’m too sleepy during the day to remember things :P So I’ve just been playing with Jack a lot, and taking it easy. Today I went and got Jenga, as well as this chess/checkers set, James promised to teach me chess sometime too but honestly I’m stoked about Jenga!! It’s such an easy game and requires no brain power so it’ll be a cool getaway. Originally I went to Toys R Us to get some lego but WOW is it ever expensive!! I’m talking $180 for a star wars thing that’s huge, or even $60 for a tiny little thing! I couldn’t find a hello kitty plush either, or my tokidoki barbie (I wasn’t actually expecting to) but I’m happy with what I got :)

Today was alsoooo Frisky Friday on twitter! Here’s some fun ones from the week..

Adb3XzJCAAA7AaQ.jpg AdWrRbzCMAItdYe.jpg


Hells yes I shaved a little heart into my cookie. Whaaat!? You should go do it too. :D Yes these are a few of my new panties that I got this week, I loaded way up and got 24 new pairs woop woop!

OK I’ve got some TV to watch, sweatpants to get into, and junkfood to eat so I hope you have a rad night <3


Haha yeah it’s been that kind of day :P I got some calendars shipped, and took my little buddy Jack with me and he was slipping and sliding on the seats like usual :( Every time I take him for a ride (which is often since I love taking him with and he loves coming) I’m always reminded that I need to get him a booster seat sort of thing.. more of a bed that I can seatbelt in that has hard (but foam covered) sides so he can brace himself when we go around a corner. SO I tried to order one on amazon tonight and this is what I see upon checkout:

Screen Shot 2011-11-02 at 5.24.23 PM.pngScreen Shot 2011-11-02 at 5.27.49 PM.png

Are you for REALZ?! What a joke.. and here I was trying to escape the $50 shipping fee that I’d have to pay from ebay because I thought that was incredible. I tried PetSmart and they don’t have anything like it. Oh well what can you do I guess…. ebay here I come :P

Otherwise same old same old, taking it easy because my stomach is still giving me greif. It’s almost supper which means santa fe chicken, veggies yummmm! I’m trying to slow down, relax, and have some fun in life rather than going a million miles a minute like usual. Which has allowed me to find new things.. like the flavour shots that Tim Hortons has! I’ve been getting half shot of hazelnut and half shot of chocolate in my coffee and DAMN is it good. So I’m not stopping to smell the flowers… I’m stopping to taste the coffee :D

Hope you had an awesome Wednesday! <3

My calendars are here!

They’re here they’re here! Can you believe it? Seems like just yesterday I was just playing around with a camera in my house and decided to build a website around it. Well.. I guess I still do that haha I just feel.. well I don’t know but I’ve got a friggin calendar!!!


So if you want one, email me! askbryci at gmail dot com is me, and they’re $30 plus $5 North America shipping, or $8 international shipping. I’ve only got a limited quantity, and just sold a few already so grab one asap if you want one! :D Yeyyyyy! If this goes over well I think I’ll do it again next year.

With all the hubub of calendars getting here today (as well as 24 new pairs of panties since ya’ll keep snatching those too!) I’ve finally settled down back into my hot then cold then hot then cold relaxed state, with a bit of a headache. I think tonight is going to be a healthy supper and then early to bed… if I can fall asleep :P

OH! By the way, if you’re a member you’ll love this week.. I added a bonus photo shoot + 3 sets of candids to my members area because I felt bad skipping out on tonights weekly webcam show. I’ll be back as soon as I feel better of course, but this should hold ya over for a bit :)


Sneaky sneaky

This is a photo from last weeks BONUS photo shoot update inside my members area…. and this one is 100% (well except this photo) for members eyes only. Gotta keep some stuff a secret ;)



Happy Halloween! I celebrated this year’s halloween by dressing up for a photo shoot muahaha! It’s the one day a year I get to be creepy and weird, so roll with it :) Some people were being all “wahh you would’ve looked better as a hot nurse or ____” and I’m like c’mon, I put a lot of work into my costume and idea and location and everything, can’t I just have a little not-as-sexy fun sometimes? It’s not www.24-7-sexy-whack-it-bryci.com is it, I look at my site like it’s me, it’s whatever I want to make it :D Anyway rant over haha :P


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So what did you do this weekend? I tried to find a haunted house but there are none where I live, so it ended up being a pretty laz weekend for me. I was a mall rat on Saturday, totally lost track of time and it was a blast! I don’t even know what I bought haha. I chilled out in my sweatpants on Sunday with a belly ache, and ate nothing but halloween chocolate and red velvet cupcakes. I got a good game of scrabble in though, totally shouldn’t have played that game right before bed. Lots of 3 letter words, abbreviations, and my last word was “cunt” and I laughed so hard I cried. Good fun though :D I also got to watch one of my newest fav shows, Once Upon a Time and it was soooo good. They’re only 2 episodes in, so you can easily catch up and join me on the fun. It sounds girly, but it’s an awesome show.

Now I am paying bills, glacing over my shoulder at the mass amount of receipts I need to organise for taxes, and dreaming of tokidoki barbie. What?! I have weird wants but so what :P I had an old highschool bud email me today which was kind of weird since he so rarely emails, but he was always a good friend and he needed advice so I was his e-therapist :) Isn’t it weird talking to someone from your past sometimes? It totally warps you back to old-you since that’s the last they remember you… ok I’m pretty sure I’m not making any sense anymore. I’m going to go to the post office and pick up some yayness (shoes that I ordered) and end the oddness that is this blog :D I’ll snap some candids of my adventures and be sure to keep photo-blogging my life :) <3 u!