Don’t dwell

I was thinking the other day about how it’s frusterating and funny at the same time, that a lot of our problems we bring on ourselves. Me for example, I break out when I get stressed, or oddly enough my feet start twitching slightly (better than an eye twitch I guess?) and I know that stressing is moot point, just fix your problem and be done. But sometimes it’s not that easy… to fix your problem that is, but it IS easy to fix your mind set on it. Instead of thinking “damn I can’t stand living in this condo!” think “ah yes.. BUT you have more places to shoot!” Life is short, so why bother being an asshole to yourself? So I added to my inspiration wall (the wall behind my computer desk that I put a ton of inspirational sayings on sticky notes on) and wrote a simple one, “Don’t dwell. Move on.” and life has gotten a little easier at the stressful moments since I’ve put that thought into play :)


Besides, it can always be worse 😉

But with that said, it’s not too smart to just say F it to things (sometimes!), I’m more of the ok, this needs to be done, I’ll do it right now type of person.. so after this blog I’m writing up a list for the grocery store to get some clean eating food. Take charge you know, go after what you want :) Like these shoes I just bought 😀 Since finding out that I’m a size 7.5 and not a size 7, that means I have 3 pair of shoes total, for all year! I remedied that today woop woop! I know they’re not stilettos and fuck me heels, but hey a girl has to be comfortable walking around town sometimes, I’ll save the fuck me shoes for photos and videos 😉

Screen Shot 2012-03-06 at 3.56.21 PM.png Screen Shot 2012-03-06 at 3.56.30 PM.png

PS – New auctions, some sexy outfits this time!

On my mind

My mom sent me an email this morning with a link to these photos, we’re both photography lovers and I can’t wait to get together with her again soon and go on a photo hunt with our cameras :) That’s part of the reason I want to get another camera and give her my d5100, she got a small camera 5-7 years ago as a gift and could just use an upgrade.. and I love giving my mom things that make her smile :) Well I love doing that for all the people I love!



Click here to see the rest of the photos on

These photos make me want to go out right now and try macro photography! I’d love to get a case for the camera too that protects it from rain so I could do awesome shots like this too. OK, maybe not this good 😉 But I’ve never claimed to be a pro anyway.

Today (Sunday) I’m spending screwing around on my laptop while I wait for laundry to finish (which will be all damn day). Which is fine, my stomach is killing me today! The sun is shining though, and I’ve got some cute romantic movies lined up for later so it’s sure to be a happy day :)

Ask Bryci: Can I ever get away with skipping the foreplay with my girl?

Talia and my version of foreplay 😉

Sure! Sometimes it’s better when we skip the foreplay, and sometimes there’s just not enough time. I’ll let you know some of the times when you’ll be more successful in skipping the foreplay, but just know that generally the more foreplay there is, the better the sex is for women. Foreplay for us is a great way to get us to relax, and relaxing means an easier path to having an orgasm! Where guys are mostly physical, we can throw on a sexy lingerie outfit and it’ll give you the green light, women are mostly in our minds when it comes to sex. What I mean, is if we’re stressed, have too much on our minds, or something is bothering us then the sex just won’t be as good as if we were relaxed. This is why I’m such a huge fan of foreplay, but there are some times where it’s not needed!

After a business trip

If one of you needs to go away on business, or to visit family, or whatever the circumstances are that keeps you apart for a few days or longer and you’re just ready to jump into one anothers arms then it’s fine to skip the foreplay. She’s had all the foreplay by abstaining and thinking about the next time you two have sex while you were gone, just jump into it. Want to throw in a little verbal foreplay and really get her motor running? Send her an email, a few sexy texts throughout the time that you’re gone to make sure sex is on her mind when you two do get together again.

Public areas

Admit it, there’s just no time! But since it’s such an exciting experience, that’s all that she’ll need to get her fired up and ready to go. Most of us have a little exhibitionist in us, and you’ll never know until you give it a try!

Last call!

You and your lady just had a night out on the town, some drinks with friends or each other, and a lot of fun dancing and grinding on each other. I’d say there’s no better time than now to skip the foreplay, since the whole night was pretty much Safe For Work foreplay, especially if you both took a little extra time in your appearance than normal for some nice eye candy.

Have a question for my Ask Bryci column? Leave it in a comment and I’ll answer it in my next reader question post! The sexier the question the more fun 😉


All my test results came back today, and they’re all negative! Well, I suppose it can’t really be called negative, since it was testing my vitamin levels etc, so they were just seeing what the counts were. Anyway, everything came back perfect, and in some categories better than average!

I was told I’m feeling lethargic lately because of my life long issues with my stomach, so nothing new to me. He did suggest trying a paleolithic diet (diid I already mention that?) to see how that affects me. It would be nice not to get stomach aches all the time, so I’m going to try my best to test it out.

With that said…. today is cheat day! So I will start tomorrow, go out with a bang.. that sort of thing. I celebrated the good news by trying a new sushi restaraunt, this is their version of the Tiger Roll. Basically a california roll with cucumber inside, plus some sort of BBQ fish on top with spicy mayo sauce. Spicy is an understatement here, but it was divine.

photo 2.JPG

I have been secretly getting more and more addicted to ebay lately, those auctions are insane! I like the penny auctions from china hehe :) I did find some pretty new scarves that are on their way to me, and possibly a hair clip and bracelet or two.. so that’s probably how I’ll be spending my weekend. Possibly some yoga too so I don’t feel like a bump on a log. I was getting these sexy tummy lines coming in and forgot all about yoga, so I want to get them back. What are you doing this weekend?? I think you should watch Scott Pilgrim if you haven’t seen it yet… 😉


Yeah it was just one of those days. I woke up at noon again (I swear I could sleep 23 hours a day right now) and got all ready to go to the doc to get my test results and guess who got off his shift by the time I got there? 😛 Oh well, just means I need to go out again tomorrow. I’m nervous about the results, which is weird because I just want things fixed. I’m nervous they won’t find anything though, which has been my experience whenever I’ve gone to the doctors for anything. Everything comes back negative and I get a shoulder shrug. Have you gone to the doctors before and they do that? It’s quite annoying, like come on, am I simply supposed to go get some text books and figure it out myself? Why are there even doctors offices then? Anyway let’s calm me back down again.. haha. Here’s some happy that my dad sent me to brighten the mood:


Today I started a tumblr… and I really have no idea why. Haha! I often get people tweeting to me ( with a mention they posted a photo of mine on tumblr and I thought it would be cool to have one central place for all those awesome tumblr pics to go. I really should’ve actually learned what tumblr is about/for before signing up but hey, there’s always time for that 😛

Back to the Flames game! <3