Playing with the sun

It’s official, I’m addicted to my camera. Any and all cameras I can get my hands on, including my webcam, my iphone… it’s a hopeless lost cause 😀 I’m having too much fun enjoying myself! Many moons ago I used to be attached to my camera 24/7, taking photos of anything and everything.. finding the beauty in everything around us day to day. Anyway I got caught up with life.. growing up.. you know, being responsible. NO MORE! 😛


So today I’ve done a sweet photo shoot and let my lovely members watch on my voyeur cam, then I played with my webcam a little bit since Tony emailed and said he missed when I used to screw around and snap webcam pics. Now I’m sitting in my robe writing a quick blog waiting for my bath to run.. I’m finally getting an idea for a photo shoot done that I’ve had for almost a year but never had the time to put it together. No hints, but it will be in the “coming soon” section in my website this week! I’m going to do a ton of computer work tomorrow and get some photos and videos ready for my coming-soon section and fill up the rest of January 😀 I’m a tease and I like showing you guys what’s coming!

By the way, go watch Mission Impossible 4, it’s amazing. Edge of your seat, totally want to mack on bad boy Tom Cruise even if you’re a dude, action every second sort of film. You’ll love it! Here’s a trailer:


Brand new author

Mr. Bella (the man behind all of the Bella ladies websites) aka JamesDot just wrote his first book! I’m so proud of him, I know he worked really hard on it and spent a lot of time putting it together. I love when people follow their dreams, so please show your support and go buy his new book!

It’s called Over Exposed, and it has a lot of behind the scenes stories (including stuff written about me!) and it’s just a really good read. I proof read it (so my bad if there are spelling/grammar mistakes!) and even though I knew most of it, it was pretty interesting and captivating.

I will love you forever and ever if you go give it a read :) Click here to go check it out on amazon.



I love sheer or mesh lingerie SO much! This is one of my absolute favorite bra and panty sets, it’s staying with me forever! I did a sexy video for you showing it off, but this is only a preview of the beginning… later on in the video you get some EXTREME close ups 😉

This video is live in my members area of right now, so go watch!

Screen Shot 2011-12-29 at 8.25.23 PM.png

Yoga anyone?

Hey! So I’m thinking about starting yoga every morning, just a 20 minute practise. I really want to get my body nice and flexible, and tone up a bit too! Yoga also makes you a lot stronger, even though you wouldn’t think it does because of how slow you go. It really helps me to be calm and happy all day after I do it in the mornings. So, now that my voyeur cam is streaming with sound I was also thinking about turning it on so you guys can join me every morning to do yoga! I’ll make sure the cam can see my TV screen (I do yoga at home!) as well as me in my sexy little yoga clothes. What do you guys think, would you join me every morning (or maybe once a week) to do yoga together? Maaaybe knowing people are counting on me that might get my butt in gear to do it!

It’s about that time again

Yep, time to clear up more faker rumors! This page and video is still all true info, and the absolute ONLY profiles I have online, period. If anyone reading this says “But you told me that you wanted to keep your real name private so that’s why this profile I found isn’t listed here….” it’s a faker. I’m not lying haha, Bryci is my real name and I never go by any other name. If you reeeeeeally want to give away your money to “the real Bryci” then by all means go ahead, but it’s not my fault so don’t get mad at me!

Screen Shot 2011-12-26 at 5.03.24 PM.png

*shakes fist* Whatever 😛