It is webcam day!

Yep it is, can you believe it! I get to hang out with my favorite people tonight (8pm EST) on live webcam!! I hope my internet doesn’t give me too many problems tonight, but we will fight through it πŸ˜‰ It’s for members of only… so come sign up and hang out with meeee <3

photo 3.JPG
I am in love with my metal mulisha hoodie, so comfy and soft inside! And low cut to show off a little somethin’ πŸ˜‰

New auctions

I just finished posting some new auctions today! Can you believe it takes me a whole days work just to post 15 or so auctions?! I’m always surprised it takes so long, but I enjoy it :) It’s so fun finding new homes for my things, mailing out little pieces of me all around the world :) Then sometimes I even get photos of my things after they’re framed, that is awesome!


Time for some relax in front of the tv <3

Water water water

Water does a body good!! It’s what keeps me skinny πŸ˜€ I drink about 96oz a day and it keeps me happy! Hope you are having a great day <3 Today I am posting auctions on abibids, cleaning out my closet! Trying to fund raise to get me out of this stinking condo and to buy a house of my very own ^.^ Someday soon! I am a hard working bunny, you’ll see πŸ˜‰ All bids on my auctions are super appreciated!!! I love you guys, thank you so much for your support <3

photo 4.JPG

My water bottle that comes with me everywhere.. I need a pink one! πŸ˜›

Chef B

Growing up I was never really taught how to cook or bake, and I always looked at it as a pain in the ass really, so for the most part I ate protein shakes and microwave goodies. I can still remember the horrified look on Katie’s face when we first met and I popped in some lunch into the microwave haha! She’s a really healthy and clean eater, I mean check out her smokin’ hot body, of course she does!

Anyway you guys might have guessed I’ve gotten into cooking lately, not so much baking though since I’m trying to eat much cleaner.. but I finally bought myself a pots and pans set! It’s professional grade, all those neat add ons that I didn’t know mattered.. they’re super heavy but I bet these bad boys are going to last me my lifetime, so I’m pumped.


It’s a little difficult trying to come up with recipes that include only whole foods, but it’s interesting and if I look at it like art or a project then I’m a happy camper. Oh, and a glass of wine is needed because the frustration that will show up is inevitable haha! Jack enjoys my cooking because I always look at his cute fuzzy teddybear face and give in and give him a little somethin’ somethin’. (He’s feeling much better now by the way, since the vet gave him some meds to make him better!)

I got to chat with my parents last night (which was a feat because my dad was in the middle of watching the super bowl and football is most definitely his favourite sport) and I love nice long chats with them, I always feel all warm and fuzzy inside after that. I’ve always been really close with my parents, they’ve been some of my closest friends so it’s nice catching up :)

This weekend was a whole lot of blarggg, doing nothing much.. it’s so gross outside! It’s foggy and gray, but there isn’t even any snow to make up for it! Just brown and yuck. It looks like there won’t be a snow bunny photo shoot this year either, the snow just didn’t stick around long enough! Next year though, you and me snow, we’re going to have some fun with a camera. I watched Mission Impossible 2 last night because I had seen 1, 3, and 4… WOW did MI2 suck!!! What is up with that? I loved the other ones, some more than others, but 2 was just horrible. The fight scenes, the direction, near the end it was just like awww come on! But I love Tom Cruise so I could’ve just watched the movie on mute and been happy heh πŸ˜€

What did you do this weekend? PS – Check out or my webcam page inside my website, I’ve put myself on the schedule for this wednesday so I hope to see you there!