Yeaah yesterday was a great day. Why was it a great day B? Well I’m glad you asked because I’d love to tell you all about it :D </nerd>

photo(2).JPG photo.JPG

I went makeup shopping! It’s been so long since I’d gone makeup shopping (probably.. 2 years now?) so it was definitely overdue. That bag in the photo looks huge, but honestly it is the same size as my little pink wallet (thank you Christian) in the left photo. Oh yeah, and it cost me $108. ARE YOU KIDDING? Oh well, I got some awesome goodies from Bare Essentials (mineral makeup is the only stuff I’ll put on my skin) including powder foundation and bronzer, and some cream eyeliner that I’m going to try to master to create a beautiful sultry smokey eye look that I know you guys will love. I also got some nail polish that came with a magnet… you coat your nails with this stuff then hold the magnet overtop as it’s drying, and there’s actually metal in the nail polish that moves as it’s drying if you hold a magnet overtop of it.. and creates this ripple effect. OK ok.. enough of girly makeup talk, sorry to put you guys to sleep but I know there are some girlies that read my blog too! Anyway, go grab yourself some of this ridiculously expensive nail polish if you’re looking to treat yourself ;)

Today is FRIIIIIDAYYYYYY! (In my best Oprah voice) That means it’s cheat night, and strangely enough I’ve got nothing on the to-eat list that I’ve been craving. Cheesecake maybe? Pizza maybe? Hmm… we’ll see :) Before that though I’ve got to get some auction stuff signed and shipped out, and my other auctions are ending today too! Click here to check em out! This is the last of my stuff that will be auctioned off for quite a while, since I literally have nothing else in my closet except things that I have yet to shoot in. Which I am soo excited to do, I got a remote for my Nikon D5100 yesterday which will make self shot photos SO much easier! I’m also going to test out the HD video feature on the camera too, since I take it with me everywhere and will hopefully make for some interesting videos ;)

I hope you have an awesome night/weekend as I will be trying my best to do as well, I’m going camera hunting to do some awesome nature and landscape photography that I’ll share with ya’ll next week. I’m thinking I might end up with quite a few photos though.. maybe Ill have to start a page in my site intended solely for my screwin’ around photos, would you guys like that? <3

My weekend

Hey hey! So I had a blast of a weekend, even though I really didn’t have much down time. That’s ok, I’ll get some relaxation done this weekend hopefully. Anyway, let’s start the slideshow recap ;)

First up, Friday night was date night and we tried this amazing little japanese place in town, and of course I jumped all over the sushi menu. I got a… well I can’t remember actually, but it was basically a california roll with salmon and mango inside as well, and shredded crab on the top. I’d never tried real crab, YUM! On the side I added some miso soup (it’s basically a broth with chopped green onions, and little cubes of tofu that I originally thought was cheese). It was SOOOO good! If you’re into sushi, next time you should try something with a little sweetness inside (like mango) it makes it such a wild experience.

photo 2.JPG

Doesn’t the iphone take awesome photos sometimes? Especially for a camera phone hey!

photo 3.JPG

Next up, poor little Jack has been cold since his haircut so I took him to go get a new little sweater :) All he has is a winter parka type thing (it’s hilarious, I posted a blog and photo about it a while ago.. just click the “JackJack” category on the right to find it) and he couldn’t wear that in the house so I ended up with this little hoodie. He didn’t enjoy it much, he went comatose and seriously didn’t move. Just sort of looked at me like “B…… c’mon now……” hahaha so I took it off after a while (he warmed up though!) and he was happy. Mission accomplished *brushes shoulder*

me2.jpg photo 5.JPG

Then Sunday, instead of lazing around like I normally do (I like to think of it as mentally cleansing hehe) I decided to go shopping. I’ve got a huge closet for my shoot attire, but when it comes to my personal closet it’s sad and lacking, just ask Talia. Her jaw actually dropped when she saw how little pieces of clothing I had haha! I came away with a few shirts, a new pair of ugg booties (yeah I think they’re fugly too but once you put one on.. who wouldn’t want to walk around in slippers everywhere?) and some new bedside tables. Oh, and an iron too haha because I lost mine in the move! OHHHHHHH… that reminds me… I also lost my favourite toy in my move too, seriously how can that happen?! I thought I remembered packing it… but I’ve unpacked everything and that, plus my iron have totally vanished. I’m so bummed too, it was expensive and SOOO awesome.

Anyway, the very last pic is from this morning, I reeeeeally didn’t want to get out of bed. SO BAD. But I’ve got errands to run and adult stuff to do (cue the booing) so I’ll close with that and hopefully see you guys either on MFC today/tomorrow, or at tomorrow nights members webcam chat at 8pm EST :D <3

Lots of new fun things

Today has been one of those good days, where you have soo much to do, but you get so much done. Let’s recap:

- Got my 24/7 live spycam up and running for my members (or any members of any of the bella sites since you get free access to my site)

- Got a ton of stuff listed for auctions:,userProfile/uid,5370 .. There are 3 effin pages of auctions!! (All proceeds go toward new outfits for photoshoots/vids/camshows)

-Got my hammock set up! Yahooooeeeeee!

Lots of other little things, like more unpacking and organizing, and I feel a lot better. To make you feel better, here are some blue boobies :D


I can’t believe I’ve had my macbook for a couple months now and haven’t even tested out photobooth effects until now. BLUE! There are some other neat ones too!

Tonight… drum roll please… IS CHEAT NIGHT!!!!!! That means that I am not on my model-diet tonight and I get to eat whatever I want :D I’m thinking a clubhouse sandwich (mmmm bread) and some french fries with dill dip mmm ok now I’m drooling. Then maybe some Old Dutch BBQ chips, and Kinder Bueno because you can’t have salty without sweet. Seriously though have you ever tried those Kinder Bueno chocolate bars? They’re filled with creamy hazelnut goo, they’ve got a wafer crunchy around that, and then dipped in chocolate. Simple, but ooooh so good!

What are you up to tonight? PS – I am SO growing my hair back! :D


I’ve come to one, and it feels soooo good. Life has been sort of a mix mash, living one minute to the next.. not really knowing what’s going on or who’s going where or anything and it’s been pretty stressful to say the least. The one bit of normalcy that’s been “normal” for me is to go on MFC throughout the week, but even that left me with less time for me, less time to get my life back to a calm state. SO last night (admittedly after a little freak out and ventathon) I figured out where things need to go and what I need to do.. or I guess I should say what I WANT to do because that’s what life is all about isn’t it?


<3<3<3<3 Yay

I got a new camera in the mail yesterday from an amazing fan that wanted to make my dreams come true. Scott, to you I owe everything, you’ve brought so much happiness into my life! This camera is going to be attached to my hip from here on out :D

Before I started modeling, before I even glimpsed into the modeling world I enjoyed photography. I got a little digital camera from my mom for Christmas one year, and since then I’ve been enjoying photography to the fullest :D I stepped in front of the lens for a bit (and started my own website to house it all) but now it’s time to step back behind the camera and have some good old fashion fun like I used to. Life is too short, and even though I have no clue why we’re all here.. having fun makes me happy so I’m grabbing back on to something that made me very happy. Don’t worry, I’m not going to quit modeling for my site anytime soon, promise!

I’ve always been creative in my own way, and since I can remember I’ve been a little artist at heart, so I’m starting a few new projects and going to make working on them priority. The cat’s already out of the bag on my photography obsession, so expect some wild photos coming to my blog.. but photos are the fun part of blogs anyway aren’t they? No hints on any of my other projects.. I’ll let you know when the time is right though :D I’m also going to start planning some awesome shoots and hopefully get outside for them before the weather turns too cold, so lots of goodies are coming!   

Today I’m also setting up my spycam (yep, I’m bringing back the 24/7 webcam inside my house for members) and hopefully I’ll make time to squeeze in some shopping. I did the other day and bought this amazing shirt, it’s almost backless which means… I get to run around braless! YAY nipples to make people uncomfortable hahahaha :D I hope you guys have a great day too, remember that life is what you make it. Love u!

It’s about that time

Yep it’s time to go find a playground and be 5 all over again. How long has it been since you were on a teeter totter? I seriously thought they took them out of all playgrounds for the injury possibilities. But I found one!!!

I’ve been over working myself with unpacking and cleaning so I took yesterday off and went shopping :D I bought some new shirts and sweaters, and a romantic little bookcase for dvds. I did find some bedside tables as well but they wouldn’t fit in the car, so if I’ve got the energy today I’m thinking of going back to pick them up. I like the minimal lifestyle so I think that’s about it for furniture!

Tonight I’m off to try a new Japanese restaurant, and this weekend I’m hoping will be filled with a lot of movies, and time spent outside. I really need to chill out and sort of well.. relax I guess :D I’ve been having a little trouble with people trying to get into my personal life, saying omg I know where you live! and it’s sort of creeping me out. Then I have people saying well you put yourself online you should expect it! And it’s kind of bumming me out. I’m happy sharing my life with any new friends I meet online, but some stuff is just for me you know? I wish I could say, I know people don’t mean anything by it, but I had a girl get ultra close and personal thinking we were buds because she read my twitter and saw me out and about once.. and.. well lets just not get into it, but there’s reasons why I keep some cards close to chest. ANYWAY I’m thankful that most people are real, cool, and just normal dudes and ladies that I’ve met online and have become friends with :)

I hope you have an awesome weekend babes <3