Happy Valentine’s Day!


Love and big kisses all over to you this Valentine’s Day! Do you have any plans for today? I woke up to some chocolates (truffles, my favourite) and a sparkly card! Not to mention the sun is shining which always makes for an awesome day. I don’t have any special plans for today other than spending time with J making him feel loved, in and out of the bedroom 😉 Maybe even whip out the video camera while we’re having some fun… you never know!

Hope you have a happy Valentine’s day! xxB


  1. Jason   â€¢  

    nice to meet you Bryci, do you know Cinthya?

  2. hi bryci im john from paris   â€¢  

    hi bryci,
    i am writing you cause i need to know if u are sometime playing a game called itarot on iphone.
    i know that a lot of personne are using your profil on the net. but this person told me to contact “you” to proove that its really you so if not, if u don’t know a johan from paris playing itarot so just say “not me” and it will be enought.

    est ce que vous parlez francais au fait? parceuqe cette personne parle francais aussi.

    thank you, and sorry for disturbing you..

  3. Bryci   â€¢     Author

    Sorry babe, thats not me you’re playing with, just a faker. I don’t play that game, I’ve never heard of it.

  4. Bryci   â€¢     Author

    I do not, I believe that is someone faking me.

  5. Eli. O. Jackson   â€¢  

    my God these guys’re still askin them questions; “i been talkin to this girl on the internet”… when’re these boys gonna get a clue?!?
    you sure you not cinthya? you sure now? 😉

  6. Bryci   â€¢     Author

    Hahhaa 🙂 All part of my day

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