Black on Bed [video]

I felt a little bit rockstar in this outfit, these bad ass shoes, the sexy mesh and sequin lingerie, rolling around on my bed with messy sex hair just thinking about everything naughty.  I love dancing for you, teasing you of course, knowing you’re playing with your cock while watching my curves through my see through babydoll.. it wasn’t long before I joined you in playing and brought out one of my favorite toys for an explosive orgasm at the end!

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Dirty Kitchen [video]

Oh baby!  Nothing I like more than doing the dishes… wait… scrap that, who likes doing dishes?  I’d rather have an orgasm!  I didn’t have any toys on hand, so I made due with a kitchen utensil… it was a lot of fun ;)

I filmed this video voyeur style as a custom request for a fan, hope you liked it Chris!  Want me to act out your fantasy?  I also film hardcore custom videos too ;) check it out!

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Private Nurse Video

Since James recently had surgery, we needed to take a break from all sexual activity (boo!) and we got back to playing around as soon as we could!  I decided to break out the sexy nurse outfit I had in my closet, and though James really wanted to throw me on the couch and get back to fucking, doctors orders said no.  Don’t worry, I made sure to nurse him back to health and make him relaxed and feel all better… by filming a new facial video! :)

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