Rip those leggings! [video sneak peeks]

(You have to say ‘rip those leggings!’ in the same way that you would say ‘move that bus!’)

I had a LOT of fun filming this video, and watching it again to take screenshots for my blog put me in such a fun mood again 🙂 There were lots of different positions in this video, and James has wanted to film a leggings rip fuck video for quite a while.. I guess wearing tight little leggings around the house all the time really turns him on!

Here are some sized-down screen grabs from my latest 4K video inside my site! Click here to join and watch it + all my other videos right now!

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Aaliyah Loves… me!

It finally happened.  After years and years… and YEARS of flirting and texting with Aaliyah Love, we finally not only got together, but we fucked!  And I’m not talking just girl on girl, yeah hooaah lesbian fun, I’m talking JD and I shared Aaliyah for some fun in bed!  I’ve been going on and on about it on twitter for the past couple weeks, but if you don’t have twitter you haven’t seen the awesome yet.  Our first update just went live in my site this week, we hustled ass like never before to get our members this amazing first for us!  There is a photoset, girl girl into blowjob video, behind the scenes video, as well as candids.  We worked our tails off to capture all the fun, so I hope you guys enjoy it as much as we all did!

Here are some sneak peek screengrabs from the low res video, yes we shot this video in 4K as per our usual 🙂

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