Lingerie Show Off!

I have the best fans. BEST!  Chris and Brian sent me some sexy new lingerie to shoot in, and of course I wanted to show it off in a vlog.  There were actually 5 lingerie outfits total, but two of them were see through on film and I didn’t realize it, so I had to edit those parts out.  Youtube is VERY strict on what can be shown, that’s alright.  I’ll be filming some sexy at home porn videos in each one of these outfits over the next month, I can’t wait!  I’ve been doing so much cosplay lately I haven’t done much lingerie in a while.  It’ll be fun getting back into some thigh high stockings, some heels, and some lace.  I’m normally not a lace loving girl, but these all just looked so good I had to put them on my wishlist!

Which lingerie outfit was your favorite?  I think mine might be the lime green 4 piece set, I absolutely love garter belts.  They always look a lot better when I do connect the stockings to them, but I’ll leave that to when I film for my website members.

Today I did a snapchat takeover, my first one in fact, and it was for pornhub!  It was a lot of fun, and it was the perfect excuse to finally organize and film my lingerie fashion show today.  I uploaded all the snaps onto my personal snapchat account as well (which you can get access to via my … and SOON my store that I’m SO CLOSE TO LAUNCHING)!

SO many exciting things happening, so many of them just on the brink of being able to launch to the internet world, and I cannot wait. Not just to show you all everything we’ve been working on, but to FINALLY FINISH!!!!!!!  Seriously, these all are massive undertakings, SO much computer work behind the scenes to bring them to you, but it’ll be beyond worth it.

Thank you everyone for all of your support, even if it’s subscribing to my social media profiles, it ALL helps and I am so appreciative of each and every one of you! <3

Rip those leggings! [video sneak peeks]

(You have to say ‘rip those leggings!’ in the same way that you would say ‘move that bus!’)

I had a LOT of fun filming this video, and watching it again to take screenshots for my blog put me in such a fun mood again 🙂 There were lots of different positions in this video, and James has wanted to film a leggings rip fuck video for quite a while.. I guess wearing tight little leggings around the house all the time really turns him on!

Here are some sized-down screen grabs from my latest 4K video inside my site! Click here to join and watch it + all my other videos right now!

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