Birthdays are weird and sometimes I wish they’d just be forgotten, but then I remember why we celebrate them (as adults).. it’s just a great excuse to go party 😉 Ever notice how each month has a long weekend for whatever reason? Excuse to party! Haha well yes, and the seperate reasons for each of those holidays too.. but you know what I mean. Birthdays to me though always cause me to think what I’ve done over the past year of my life (same thing happens around New Years too), which sometimes, depending on my mood that day, can be good or bad. Since this Friday is my cakeday, and i’ve been getting gifts and cards in the mail (thank u guys!) it’s been causing me to reflect. Since it’s been pretty dark and cloudy here lately, that means my reflecting takes on a pessimistic mindset, but that only causes me to think of all the awesomeness I want and to start moving in that direction. Being negative is never fun and it gets you nowhere, so I tend not to spend much time there.\n\nAnyway, I spent my day cheering myself up with making some home-videos for my members area, just me and the video camera and some toys. That always cheers me up!\n\nLittle Jack is being hibernate mode and wants to cuddle and for me to carry him around like a fluffy baby. He so fluffyyyy! :p Have a rockin day!



  1. Wyatt   •  

    First , I would send a card but for the fact that I have no idea where to send it . Sorry . Second . Personally I don’t do birthdays except for my friends and family . Usually go hide till its over and I rarely share my birthday information . Third . Little Jack senses your uneasiness ? , over your birthday . Animals are very perceptive . He is just showing his love and support . Last , have a very happy birthday with all the best and wishes for many , many more . XOXOXOXO


  2. Yukthi   •  

    Happy birthday Bryci…. 🙂 i hope its midnight for you now, but for us its 9:30 now !

  3. Bryci   •     Author

    Thanks Yuki!

  4. badr   •  

    Happy birthday Bryci

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