Ask Bryci: Can I ever get away with skipping the foreplay with my girl?

Talia and my version of foreplay 😉

Sure! Sometimes it’s better when we skip the foreplay, and sometimes there’s just not enough time. I’ll let you know some of the times when you’ll be more successful in skipping the foreplay, but just know that generally the more foreplay there is, the better the sex is for women. Foreplay for us is a great way to get us to relax, and relaxing means an easier path to having an orgasm! Where guys are mostly physical, we can throw on a sexy lingerie outfit and it’ll give you the green light, women are mostly in our minds when it comes to sex. What I mean, is if we’re stressed, have too much on our minds, or something is bothering us then the sex just won’t be as good as if we were relaxed. This is why I’m such a huge fan of foreplay, but there are some times where it’s not needed!

After a business trip

If one of you needs to go away on business, or to visit family, or whatever the circumstances are that keeps you apart for a few days or longer and you’re just ready to jump into one anothers arms then it’s fine to skip the foreplay. She’s had all the foreplay by abstaining and thinking about the next time you two have sex while you were gone, just jump into it. Want to throw in a little verbal foreplay and really get her motor running? Send her an email, a few sexy texts throughout the time that you’re gone to make sure sex is on her mind when you two do get together again.

Public areas

Admit it, there’s just no time! But since it’s such an exciting experience, that’s all that she’ll need to get her fired up and ready to go. Most of us have a little exhibitionist in us, and you’ll never know until you give it a try!

Last call!

You and your lady just had a night out on the town, some drinks with friends or each other, and a lot of fun dancing and grinding on each other. I’d say there’s no better time than now to skip the foreplay, since the whole night was pretty much Safe For Work foreplay, especially if you both took a little extra time in your appearance than normal for some nice eye candy.

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  1. Steven   â€¢  

    Bryci I’M 15 years old and I’m looking for a good time i know how to work it hit me up 603-997-****

  2. Ash   â€¢  

    Good Advice. I have done foreplay in public (theater) and after the movie we got in the car, and I continued to tease, and when we go to her place, well…. lol

  3. Berk   â€¢  

    can I ever skip foreplay by offering her to do a lovely painting of her

  4. Bryci   â€¢     Author

    Hehe possibly, not for me!

  5. Bryci   â€¢     Author

    Telling me your 15 gets you banned from my site, is 18+ only kiddies! (Also you’re 15, you don’t know how to work it.)

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