Did I really just add 14 new items to my shop?!

Yep, and that my friends is how I am spending my Friday night.  Those of you who are self employed, and especially those who work from home that are self employed, know that there isn’t really a downtime.  Unless you of course are one of those unicorns I hear about that actually has a schedule and keeps to it.  Myself unfortunately, many nights are spent on the couch (thankfully) with my laptop finishing work until 10pm because I spend my daylight hours filming.

I’d say about 1/4 of my time spent on my online empire is shooting new content, the other 3/4 (or more) is spent on my computer either editing or marketing/promo.  Ya gotta get your name/brand/product/awesomness out there baby!  Thankfully I have a very comfy couch.

Today I spent my daylight hours filming custom videos, I’ve got quite the list from my cyber monday/black friday sale that I haven’t been able to put a dent in because right afterwards, I got sick for about 3 weeks. THREE WEEKS.  I tried my hardest to fight it off, but finally had to concede and go pick up some antibiotics after a doctors visit.  Now I’m out of bed and into some lingerie feeling much better!  I put a LOT of effort into everything I film, even though it’s shot at home and with as much natural light as possible, if you watch our youtube videos you’ll see the behind the scenes of added lighting, the equipment set up, and of course I always try to wrangle James into shooting some photos as well.  I love playing with the camera and him to create some cool sexy stuff for you all to enjoy!

After filming and a quick bite to eat, I’ve been on the computer for the last 5 hours working on my shop!  I’ve added 14 new items to my shop, a WIDE assortment of everything as you can see above.  Check it out if you haven’t already, shop.bryci.com and let me know what you think!

Last night we went to see the new Star Wars movie, and absolutely loved it.  Even if you aren’t into the Star Wars universe, it is a GREAT movie.  Definitely go see it!

What are you up to this weekend?

Christmas Lingerie Vlog!

I know you guys really enjoy my youtube vlogs where I show off the sexy things I’ll be wearing to shoot in for my website, and this is one of my favorite lingerie outfits (it seems like I have a lot of favorites lately hey?) and I’ve got stockings on so I had to show it off.

What’s your favorite part of my sexy Christmas lingerie outfit?

The photoset, solo masterbation video, hardcore boy girl video, and candid selfies will be going live for Bryci.com members all week!

free bryci christmas lingerie

Let’s celebrate the holidays!

It’s that time of year again, and even if you just aren’t feeling the holidays, everyone loves lingerie right?  An amazing fan bought me this gorgeous lingerie set off my wishlist (thank you David!) and asked me to film a custom video for him, getting him out of feeling like the grinch, and I said I’d love to try.

Filming in the winter in Canada can be tricky, it’s cloudy and gets dark faster than we’d like, so it’s sort of a race against the clock.  Sometimes that makes it fun and exciting, other times (like when we have a brand new camera that we have to set up) it can be trying.  But in other news, our new camera shoots 4K and is just amazing so we’ll be back to having many MANY more 4K updates asap!  (Don’t worry, like always all of our videos come in multiple sizes, so you can stream or download the size you’d like if 4K isn’t your thing.)

I’m finally back to feeling better, these antibiotics are really doing their job, who knew an ear infection could really put you on your ass so much!  The whole right side of my head ached, it was intense.  Here we are a week later and I’m back to filming, and so excited!  I have so much new lingerie, and a LONG list of custom videos to film.  Thank you to everyone who has ordered a custom video from me and is being patient while I get back to being healthy!

Pornhub also sent us two ugly sweaters for the holidays!

pornhub ugly christmas sweater

What are you planning to do for the holidays?

bryci black friday cyber monday porn sale

Black Friday! Cyber Monday! All things SALE!

I couldn’t have made that title sound any more crazy salesperson if I tried.  And I did.  It reminds me of those big wavy air men you see outside of car dealerships.  Anyway, I’m having a sale on that brand new shiny store of mine!

All week (Nov 21-28) everything is 50% off.


Custom videos, signed photos, worn panties, signed porn DVDs, even my original artworks!

Tis the season to treat yoself to something naughty, straight from my closet.  Or booty. Or art studio.  It’s all good baby!

Shop.Bryci.com  — Use code BLACKCYBER for your 50% off!

My Store is LIVE!

It’s here it’s here I can’t believe it.  I’ve worked for the past 6 months on these stores (I say these because I didn’t just build myself a store, I built a store for every one of the current Bella girls too, including training them to run it)!  There was a LOT of red tape and a ton of backend stuff that made them hit the brakes for weeks at a time (waiting on someone else to do something takes a while sometimes) but we are finally here.

The entire store is fully functioning, you can do the checkout process and an amazing fan bought something last night and said it was SO easy and clean to go through the whole shabang.  I’m so pumped!

In my store I’ve got the usual custom videos, snap chat access, but I’ve also got individual listings for every single thing that I’m selling.  No more guessing or hoping I’ve got a purple thong, or wondering if “that one item from that one photoshoot” is still available.  If it’s in my store, it can be yours!  This whole thing will speed up the process of YOU getting YOUR goodies from me, and there’s nothing I love more than helping you guys have an enjoyable time 😉

I’ve even listed toys from my personal collection and shoots, shoes, signed prints, signed DVDs, and last but certainly not least, my artworks!  In my verrrry limited free time I’m always creating something, and I’m sharing my favorites with you incase someone might like something rad for their home.


Please go check it out, let me know what you think!