I was nominated for an Xbiz award this year!

How cool!  This year I was nominated for the Xbiz Web Star of the Year for 2016, I feel honored just to be nominated.  It’s a really nice feeling working your tush off on your website for a while and for something as big as the Xbiz to nominate you for an award.  I’d love it so much if you could take 10 seconds to vote for me! :) Click here ->

Next year we’re hoping planning to have a LOT of fun with our porny selves, we’ve been busy booking girls for our January Vegas trip so our members will have LOTS of 3somes and girlgirl goodies to look forward to.  If you’ve been enjoying the content that we’ve been updating with recently, you’re going to LOVE what we’ve got coming.  January is looking to be an incredibly busy but exciting time!

Don’t forget you can stop by the Adult Entertainment Expo at the Hard Rock in January to meet me in person and say hey!  I won’t be at a booth but just walking around meeting fans and having some fun, so keep your eyes peeled on twitter, I’d love to meet every single one of you! 😉



Northern indoors

So it’s about that time up north where we need to find fun things to do indoors, as the outdoor world is closed for business.  Well, at least mine.  I’m just not made for the cold weather, I start wearing winter boots rated for -50 celcius when it’s still +5 c outside, and my toes still get cold.  So, what better than to have some naked fun with your man and a camera?

We’ve been loading up the updates in my website lately, having so much fun shooting new ideas or just putting the camera down for some real amateur fun.

Kitty also does not approve of the cold weather, this will be her first winter and her little toothpick legs have me worried how she will react to snow.  Today I went on the e-hunt for a thicker doggy sweater, made of fleece or something to keep the teeny little doggy warm.  Jack has been sneakily eating Kittys food while I’m not watching so he’s got his winter parka on in the form of extra weight this year.

What do you like to do indoors during the off season?

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My inner goddess

All she needs sometimes is nice new bath salts 💋 and some motivational reminders ✌️