It’s been too long since I blogged last, sorry guys!  Would you believe me if I say life has been crazy?  Have I been saying that too much?  It’s true, it really hasn’t slowed down in the least since Christmas.  I’m  not complaining!  Except for the part where I had to drop everything for my dads heart surgery, we all could have done without that.  But considering he only had about 6 months left (unknown to him until after the doctor had a look inside his heart) we’re all very happy that the surgery did take place when it did.

So what have I been getting in to trouble with lately?  Well, a whole lot of renos.  We’ve finally made it to the part of the story where we could move in to the new house, but there are still trades people buzzing around everywhere, making work pretty impossible.  Though we did sneak around after they’d left and filmed a sexy handyman video, horny lonely housewife style 😉  That video will be going live soon, I think you guys will like it, lots of different sex angles!  We had a blast.

I’ve learned so many new things lately, landscaping and installing things and just everything under the sun that has to do with housing and renos it seems.  At least now Jack has a yard to play in, and I have somewhere to hopefully not kill everything green.  I’m thinking xeriscaping is right up my alley, with loads of fruit trees.

Meeting my new neighbor

Meeting my new neighbor

Crossing fingers I won't kill my thyme

Crossing fingers I won’t kill my thyme

Hoping for some hummingbird visitors this summer

Hoping for some hummingbird visitors this summer

I did find some time to get some shopping in, I’ve been wanting some sexy new makeup lately and I made a trip to pick some up, I can’t wait to try it out and show you all in our new content…


The reason why I can't wait to try my makeup.. because I have to wait!

The reason why I can’t wait to try my makeup.. because I have to wait!

This last photo is why I haven’t been able to test out my new makeup, as I’ve just gotten my lasik eye surgery done!  I can’t believe I finally did it, and I am so so happy with the results.  I do wish I’d done it sooner, life without contacts and glasses has been magical.  Waking up in the middle of the night and being able to see is amazing, before my surgery I couldn’t see clearly more than 8 inches from my face.  As soon as I’m cleared to start wearing makeup again, it’s back to filming!

You’ve made it this far, so here’s a sexy candid 😉

The end

The end


Curves ahead


New video is now live for my members!  I’ve been looking for the right time to wear this sexy outfit and just decided, why do I need the perfect time?  It’s a hot little outfit, I can wear it anywhere!  So a sexy striptease I did, showing off all my curves in this bad ass corset and my matching skull heels that I know you love, since they make my booty pop.  I brought along one of my favorite glass dildos to play, want to watch and play along?  I know you do….

Click here to watch the full 4K video right now!




Another Friday already?

A week has passed since I did a catch up blog and I just now have time to sit down to write another. Well at least another non-porny update blog, but I don’t think you guys are complaining 😉

This week has been crazy, we have moved!  Somehow we managed to pack up all our things in a couple days, movers hauled all our things to our new castle and we’ve been unpacking all week.  JackJack finally has a yard to go play in with lots of space!  We’re still mid construction on the house but it’s more than livable, we got our appliances delivered and installed and… my dad is finally out of the hospital!!!  We’ve been running around crazier than ever, putting our old shootathon trips to shame in terms of business, but it’s all gotten done.  We didn’t schedule in any down time, and shame on us because I just got super duper sick and have been in bed almost non stop the past couple days.  That’s alright though, a super sweet fan bought me The Alchemist and I finally have an excuse to sit down and do nothing but read!

I’ve got some more news, in a few weeks or so I’ll be getting laser eye surgery done finally!  I can’t wait 😀 I’ve been putting this off forever, and I finally have said ok enough.  I’ve been wearing daily contacts for the past couple years, and any contact wearer knows these little things are expensive.  So why not make the investment to get rid of them and the hassle?  I’m scared, but I know it will be fine, James did the same thing a couple years ago and wishes he’d done it sooner.

So no, my gypsy soul has not moved in to my dream RV just yet, we figured we needed a place to put down some roots while we go on the road, especially with my dad moving out soon, and now we have the space needed incase something were to happen to family we could take care of them.  Plus, SO much more shooting opportunities!!!!  I already have a room upstairs earmarked for my pleasure room… ohhhh it’s going to be so much fun building that 😉


IMG_9020 IMG_4007


Newest edge play!

Once we tried it we never looked back.  It’s just naturally our thing.  I love being in control, which means I love giving blowjobs, and once we learned about edging we’ve had so much fun.  You guys loved it so of course we had a second go at it!  Non stop eye contact, some encouraging sexy dirty talk… and a long blowjob to keep you on the edge.  Think you can make it to the end?

Click here to watch the video and see if you can last til the end!