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by on Oct.17, 2014, under General, My Adventures, Yum Yum


I’m soo glad it’s Friday! It’s just been a very long busy week, one of those weeks you can’t even remember what day it is. I got a lot done though so it feels great, and filmed some really hot videos while the sun came out yesterday. I’m having fun unleashing my dominant side, but also having a blast roleplaying everything as you can tell. I’ve gotten a lot of behind the scenes work done too, it seems like work is mainly what I’ve been doing in life lately. I’m so not complaining though, best work ever!

I did manage to take some me time last night with a glass of whiskey in a bathtub with candles, and I came out so relaxed. It was nice just to stop and shut off my brain for a while, I think I need to try to do that more often, even for just 10 minutes a day. I used to meditate before bedtime every night, but my furry baby now interrupts me! He’s just a cuddle fiend, but I’m not complaining. He’s my real live teddybear.


I’ve been cooking up a storm in my crockpot lately (thanks again for the bday gift Don!) and came up with something delicious. It was a recipe for chicken tortilla soup, but it really was a let down, so I drained all the liquid, added fajita shells, salsa, and shredded cheese and it made for the best chicken fajitas I’ve had in a long long time!


I’ve been trying to eat a bit healthier lately, but of course somehow some halloween candy followed us home. Since I’m not a fan of smarties and it’s a Canadian (and British? I’m not sure) candy/chocolate only, if you buy some panties from my store I’ll throw in some smarties too. Two treats, no tricks ;)


And last but not least, before I dive in to Fridays BTS work, I snapped a photo having fun filming a sexy custom video in my new catsuit! Thanks again Jason ;)


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Fan mail time!

by on Oct.10, 2014, under My Videos


I just got this awesome email from a member about this weeks video update, and loved it so much so I wanted to share :)

Hey Bryci,

Just wanted to drop you a quick email to thank you for filming a new facial video, I’ve been looking forward to another for a while. I’m so glad you did it right too, not the lame cum-on-chin facials you get on 99% of other sites. I loved the way you got down nice and low to receive the load all over your face, watching the cum drip down your cheeks and nose was exceptionally hot – give my props to JD for a well aimed shot. You guys certainly know how to please facial fetishists like me! I hope we’ll be seeing more facials in future videos – you wear them so well.



Not a member yet? Right now would be a great time to join up and spend your Friday night with this little schoolgirl ;)

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Busy video day!

by on Oct.08, 2014, under General


Well, I wrote a blog earlier this week, pushed publish, and it deleted itself. Ahhh Monday, you shitty shitty day hah! Oh well, my good friend Tuesday came to the rescue and I filmed out and about since it was a gorgeous sunny day and I went to bed sore, tired, and such a happy girl.

Today I spent my day catching up on filming custom videos for you pervs, they really quickly piled up, jees you guys just can’t get enough I love it! I especially love when I keep getting repeat requests, you guys really must be loving what I’m bringing to the table ;) I love being able to get off, and get you off at the same time, just makes it a lot more hot for me.

I got some goodies in the mail from my wishlist this week, I was SUPER spoiled by you boys and I just loved it. My pets treat me so well ;) One of the goodies is this super tight shiny red catsuit, I’m seriously hoping for another sunny day so I can go film outside in it because it’s so damn shiny! I also got a black catsuit that I think will look killer with my red patent spike boots that you guys haven’t even seen yet. My Mistress closet is overflowing, I’m getting the message, ya’ll enjoy when MissB comes to play.. so expect a bit more of it in upcoming updates ;)

Behind the scenes, we’ve both been working our asses off on so many projects and computer work it’s ridiculous. The whole Bella family just moved to 4K video, can you fracken believe that?! That’s 6 exclusive, insanely hot, busty girl videos every single week. But not for long… wait, what? Yeah.. soon we’re adding yet another site to Bella, all exclusive content as well, some SUPER cute girls if I say so myself. I’m finding out that I’m a much bigger pervert than I thought, with the flood of all these new girls. SO happy. Love exploring my sex/kink life!

I’ve been fighting very very hard on tackling a cold that wants to latch on. I thought I beat it last week, got some filming done and all was good, but since then I’ve noticed I’m just having a tougher time with my lungs, it seems a bit like a chest cold. So, lots of soup, teas (I’m such a tea fiend) and rest with my fuzzy blankets on the couch… when I’m not filming heh. Have you noticed how much more fun I’m having in videos lately? So much roleplay, costumes, kink, taboo… not a day goes by that I am not testing my creativity for videos, I hope ya’ll are enjoying it as well! If you’re not a member, now would be a wickedly good time to sign up, there’s just so much insane goodness going on in there (I mean my site, but you also get complete access to the rest of the Bella sites, for free!) so you should check it out. </promo> :P

I’m off for the night, tomorrow is another pamper Miss B day. Hey, a girl works hard, gotta play hard too! ;)

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#TittyTuesday Wallpaper!

by on Oct.07, 2014, under General

Mr @DirtWorkDesign on twitter is just blowing me up with wallpapers lately, I love it! And of course I love sharing them all with you guys ;)

Click the pic for the larger desktop size version!


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New FREE Wallpapers! Yes, more!

by on Oct.06, 2014, under General

Click any of the thumbnails for the large version! Thanks Jeremy for more free awesome wallpapers ;)

01 - RVPlMr5.jpg

02 - 1Rz7T6X.jpg 03 - n3rOF25.jpg 04 - 94ZkG1m.jpg

05 - cCeXGCr.jpg 06 - x2fUC0o.jpg 07 - 7mjpZ6u.jpg

08 - lHivY0I.jpg 09 - peMcAIg.jpg 11 - 0ZCNlnp.jpg

10 - Zf6tvSx.jpg 13 - 94CpJqw.jpg 12 - wGFDNpG.jpg

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New Bella toon wallpaper – FREE!

by on Oct.01, 2014, under General

Click the image for the larger version, enjoy! Thank you Joe for the amazing toon, you know you rock!


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What’s up muffin butt?

by on Oct.01, 2014, under General, Pets


A whole lot of crazy is going on in my world lately! But at least I have been sleeping well :) I’ve just been really busy, my brother has moved closer and I’ve been helping him get set up as well as getting used to family popping by all the time.. which means I really have to watch that I don’t leave toys or latex panties laying around like I usually do hehe! I feel like lately I’ve been running around non stop, but so many things are getting done, you know all the lame adult things that need taking care of, errands. It never seems to stop does it? But my little boo got his haircut at a new place and I can tell he has a happier time there, he’s much more calm when it comes time to pick him up, and he’s so so clean!

Fall has crept up on me and it’s so weird, I’ll be wearing my fuzzy boots one day, and the next it’s hot and I’ll spend the day at the beach in shorts. I’m loving that it’s getting cooler though, it was far too hot this summer! Cooler weather means more time indoors, which means more video fun to be had ;) Have you been inside my members area lately? Check out that coming soon reel, crazy right? Yes I sure have been having a blast lately, I just wake up every day and want to get my kink on in some way! It’s fun exploring your sexual side, and hey, I help you guys explore it too ;) I’ve been getting emails from you all, loving the odd directions I’m going in, the excitement, the not knowing what each new update will bring. I’m just getting started! I’ve got to say though, as much fun as I have playing the sweet innocent role.. I really am just a bad bitch at heart waiting to let loose. And you know MissB comes out often ;)

I’ve been trying to take better care of myself recently, rather than trying to help and take care of everyone else mama style. That goes for my physical health, emotional and mental and psychological and all that goodness. It’s a lot of work, but why not? I think we all deserve it, and we are the best ones to make us the happiest, no one else can make us happier than we can!

OK… my fuzzy bunny can make me pretty happy :P

Time to get these tatas in the bath for some relaxation! <3


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Round 2 FREE wallpapers!

by on Sep.16, 2014, under General

Thanks to Jeremy for being an amazing fan, we all have great new free wallpapers for fall! Thank you soo much Jeremy! <3

Click the pics for the larger desktop sizes :D

ayxEFPg.jpg xiqtxv9.jpg

xNFIqZO.jpg EqKm8oK.jpg

PqVmta9.jpg WDLuHK8.jpg

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Summer lovin

by on Sep.15, 2014, under General


I’m holding on to summer as much as I possibly can, can you tell? ;)

I spent all day filming some filthy ideas I had in my head that turned me on, and it made for a very tiring but good day! So James took me out for sushi dinner, and then to the beach to relax and all was right in the world again. It’s still too cold for my liking (to lay on the sand in a bikini at least) so that means I’m going to try my best instead to find some secret places outdoors to film instead. I’d say it’s pretty even for relaxing at the beach!

I’m really excited for the rest of this year honestly, because I have no plans to travel, no plans for anyone visiting, which means I can relax and just have some good old fashion fun working on filming. Hey, I love this job, who wouldn’t! I sure don’t mind “working” all the time heh.

Hope your Monday wasn’t a total buzz kill for the week, only 4 more days til the weekend!


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Blowie Doll

by on Sep.12, 2014, under My Videos, Sneak Peeks

I had a FUN Friday. Wanna know why? I played dress up to the extreme! I filmed a dolly video for an awesome couple fans, and was so turned on afterwards I thought I’d grab James and have some fun. I LOVED it! This video comes to my members area next week… and it’s a good one ;)


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