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I was talking with James this morning and he mentioned perhaps people might be curious of the reasons behind the recent slight changes in my website, namely the videos! If you’re a member you’ll have noticed the coming soon has exploded with a wide range of videos from dominatrix MissB, to cute and innocent daddy fetish, to exhibitionist hardcore and roleplaying blowjobs. Well, I’ve recently sat back and asked myself some questions about what I like in my site, what I enjoy and what I think you all enjoy. You might be surprised to hear that I really don’t get that much feedback, though when I do it usually starts with “I’m sure your inbox is flooded with fan mail…” or something like that. I LOVE hearing from you guys, fans that support my kink of putting sex videos online. I started it for me, but I’ve found I really get off on knowing you all get off too. It just makes it more exciting. But now, especially since I’ve started putting hardcore videos online, it’s like you all have gone mute! :P I figure you’re hands are a bit busy while going through my content rather than emailing me.

Anyway, I sat back and realized that my absolute favorite part of doing my website, is simply filming. But, not the filming of something quick and not thought out. I love the roleplaying, the short little back story, that seems to make the getting off part unique and just a lot hotter. Then I thought about when I go and sign in to the porn sites I subscribe to (the list seems to just keep growing) and I realized that I glance over the photos but I am quick to click on the latest videos button, always. As a girl I love the glam pro look, what girl wouldn’t want to look like some beautiful glowy model? But… what am I taking into my bedroom to rub one out to, the pics? Or the videos? I don’t even need to answer that question for you.

So you’ll notice, that I’m putting all my weight behind the things I enjoy doing, and that’s filming. I’m bringing to the table my own fantasies, my own perverted thoughts and exploring my sex life even further. It’s a work in progress, and sometimes I might do something and say well, I like this fetish over here better. Or some days I think, I feel like a bad bitch and want to put on my leather boots and kick some ass. Other days I wake up and feel absolutely dirty and want to film some innocent filthy stuff and I totally get off on it. Either way, all those videos you see going into my site lately? They’re all my ideas, all my fantasies, being acted out that day because it’s just simply what turned me on the most.

I still will do the occasional photoset here and there, because sometimes honestly my outfit will be bad.friggin.ass. and it just demands it. I’ve got a couple coming up with that in mind, and regret not shooting a couple previous ideas (BlowieDoll anyone?) but I want my photosets to be the outfits, themes, ideas that I’m really feeling. Because after years it’s a bit tough to go through the same poses, the same everything, with just some blazé dress that might look pretty but is so boring after all this time. So basically… bring on the FUN!

So with fun in mind, I’m such a happier girl, it feels like I’m packing so much giggly happiness in to each day and it just keeps getting better and better, I love it! :D I hope you like what I’m doing because there’s only going to be more and more. Now would be a great time to sign up to see what I’m talking about too ;)

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A week in the office

by on Oct.27, 2014, under General, Yum Yum

(These and other panties are available in my store, click here to check it out!)

Thankfully my office is at home, and I can sit in some comfy sweatpants and my slippers while I do the boring back end office work that you would really not think is that much for running an adult network, but it really adds up. Honestly though I love it all, even though it takes most of our waking hours to run this whole sha-bang, I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Weekends though are off time, usually with ringers off except for family (love that do not disturb mode!) and time to get out of the house. It’s been cooling off quite a bit lately, and my closet is so not prepared for the cold weather, so this weekend was spent mostly indoors watching movies and hockey and reading.



Scientific American is one of my fav magazines, so I was pumped to see them do something on meditation. Meditation is one of the highest priorities in my life, it’s better than any pill or activity to reset my brain. I also just started reading a book on Nikola Tesla, I definitely recommend it so far! Very interesting, even though the start of it was a bit confusing and read as a self help book (I dig those as well, you can’t ever have enough positive affirmations in your life) but learning ths history behind Nikola and Edison is really cool.

Last night I may have mentioned I was having a stressful day, this is what happens when that idea is brought up…


Apple pie, key lime, and lemon meringue heaven. Sooo yummy. I try my hardest not to be an emotional eater but sometimes screw it, right? You’ve got to weigh which option will be least stressful I think, I’d rather have a little extra cushion than a little extra stress worrying about not putting on weight.

Back to the paperwork, I hope you kick Mondays ass as well ;)

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MissB returns

by on Oct.23, 2014, under General, My Videos


I have some very loyal pets that I know love when I put out new MissB videos, so here’s a new one! It just went live for my members, thanks ya’ll who sign up to support the making of these videos ;) I felt absolutely bratty making this video, imagining you on your knees, watching up my sexy little skirt. I know you love when I wear my bitch boots as I call them, so they made a special appearance as well. In this video there’s lots of tease, lots of angles, a nice soft and sensual domination, and of course who can forget the orgasm control? Fun fun! Think you can last until the end of the video to cum?

Clicky here to sign the F up and get your cock out my little pet!




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by on Oct.22, 2014, under Pets

I’m trying to practise what I preach this past week or so, and live in the moment. Enjoy the little things, find joy in whatever you’re doing. I really enjoy brushing my teeth for example, ha! Anyway, I’m not sure how life is for the rest of the world, but sometimes I get stressed when making a decision. Which, really, is just silly because on our last day, will any of it matter? So, the rug I wanted came home with me, and I ended up being a much happier camper than I thought I could be with just a new dang rug. It surprised me how something so simple can make your house feel a bit more like a home.


Little JackJack isn’t a fan right now, because it is in polar bear mode, where half his body is actually fur. The rug is too hot for him to enjoy, but I love it!

You would think being mindful, and living in the moment is easy. Let me say, it really is harder than it looks, at least for me. Have you ever stopped to go way up in your perspective machine and say to yourself, wow, where did the past year go? The past 5 years? I do, often unfortunately, so I’m trying to change my outlook and slow myself down. Realize the things that are actually important (the list is really really small, and for me comes down to happiness and love) and the things that really aren’t important. Unless you ask me around midnight, then my list is really skewed and everything is catastrophic haha!

Jack is a great buddy, because just looking at him reminds me to chill out. I love my little dude :)


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I’m soo glad it’s Friday! It’s just been a very long busy week, one of those weeks you can’t even remember what day it is. I got a lot done though so it feels great, and filmed some really hot videos while the sun came out yesterday. I’m having fun unleashing my dominant side, but also having a blast roleplaying everything as you can tell. I’ve gotten a lot of behind the scenes work done too, it seems like work is mainly what I’ve been doing in life lately. I’m so not complaining though, best work ever!

I did manage to take some me time last night with a glass of whiskey in a bathtub with candles, and I came out so relaxed. It was nice just to stop and shut off my brain for a while, I think I need to try to do that more often, even for just 10 minutes a day. I used to meditate before bedtime every night, but my furry baby now interrupts me! He’s just a cuddle fiend, but I’m not complaining. He’s my real live teddybear.


I’ve been cooking up a storm in my crockpot lately (thanks again for the bday gift Don!) and came up with something delicious. It was a recipe for chicken tortilla soup, but it really was a let down, so I drained all the liquid, added fajita shells, salsa, and shredded cheese and it made for the best chicken fajitas I’ve had in a long long time!


I’ve been trying to eat a bit healthier lately, but of course somehow some halloween candy followed us home. Since I’m not a fan of smarties and it’s a Canadian (and British? I’m not sure) candy/chocolate only, if you buy some panties from my store I’ll throw in some smarties too. Two treats, no tricks ;)


And last but not least, before I dive in to Fridays BTS work, I snapped a photo having fun filming a sexy custom video in my new catsuit! Thanks again Jason ;)


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Fan mail time!

by on Oct.10, 2014, under My Videos


I just got this awesome email from a member about this weeks video update, and loved it so much so I wanted to share :)

Hey Bryci,

Just wanted to drop you a quick email to thank you for filming a new facial video, I’ve been looking forward to another for a while. I’m so glad you did it right too, not the lame cum-on-chin facials you get on 99% of other sites. I loved the way you got down nice and low to receive the load all over your face, watching the cum drip down your cheeks and nose was exceptionally hot – give my props to JD for a well aimed shot. You guys certainly know how to please facial fetishists like me! I hope we’ll be seeing more facials in future videos – you wear them so well.



Not a member yet? Right now would be a great time to join up and spend your Friday night with this little schoolgirl ;)

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Busy video day!

by on Oct.08, 2014, under General


Well, I wrote a blog earlier this week, pushed publish, and it deleted itself. Ahhh Monday, you shitty shitty day hah! Oh well, my good friend Tuesday came to the rescue and I filmed out and about since it was a gorgeous sunny day and I went to bed sore, tired, and such a happy girl.

Today I spent my day catching up on filming custom videos for you pervs, they really quickly piled up, jees you guys just can’t get enough I love it! I especially love when I keep getting repeat requests, you guys really must be loving what I’m bringing to the table ;) I love being able to get off, and get you off at the same time, just makes it a lot more hot for me.

I got some goodies in the mail from my wishlist this week, I was SUPER spoiled by you boys and I just loved it. My pets treat me so well ;) One of the goodies is this super tight shiny red catsuit, I’m seriously hoping for another sunny day so I can go film outside in it because it’s so damn shiny! I also got a black catsuit that I think will look killer with my red patent spike boots that you guys haven’t even seen yet. My Mistress closet is overflowing, I’m getting the message, ya’ll enjoy when MissB comes to play.. so expect a bit more of it in upcoming updates ;)

Behind the scenes, we’ve both been working our asses off on so many projects and computer work it’s ridiculous. The whole Bella family just moved to 4K video, can you fracken believe that?! That’s 6 exclusive, insanely hot, busty girl videos every single week. But not for long… wait, what? Yeah.. soon we’re adding yet another site to Bella, all exclusive content as well, some SUPER cute girls if I say so myself. I’m finding out that I’m a much bigger pervert than I thought, with the flood of all these new girls. SO happy. Love exploring my sex/kink life!

I’ve been fighting very very hard on tackling a cold that wants to latch on. I thought I beat it last week, got some filming done and all was good, but since then I’ve noticed I’m just having a tougher time with my lungs, it seems a bit like a chest cold. So, lots of soup, teas (I’m such a tea fiend) and rest with my fuzzy blankets on the couch… when I’m not filming heh. Have you noticed how much more fun I’m having in videos lately? So much roleplay, costumes, kink, taboo… not a day goes by that I am not testing my creativity for videos, I hope ya’ll are enjoying it as well! If you’re not a member, now would be a wickedly good time to sign up, there’s just so much insane goodness going on in there (I mean my site, but you also get complete access to the rest of the Bella sites, for free!) so you should check it out. </promo> :P

I’m off for the night, tomorrow is another pamper Miss B day. Hey, a girl works hard, gotta play hard too! ;)

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#TittyTuesday Wallpaper!

by on Oct.07, 2014, under General

Mr @DirtWorkDesign on twitter is just blowing me up with wallpapers lately, I love it! And of course I love sharing them all with you guys ;)

Click the pic for the larger desktop size version!


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New FREE Wallpapers! Yes, more!

by on Oct.06, 2014, under General

Click any of the thumbnails for the large version! Thanks Jeremy for more free awesome wallpapers ;)

01 - RVPlMr5.jpg

02 - 1Rz7T6X.jpg 03 - n3rOF25.jpg 04 - 94ZkG1m.jpg

05 - cCeXGCr.jpg 06 - x2fUC0o.jpg 07 - 7mjpZ6u.jpg

08 - lHivY0I.jpg 09 - peMcAIg.jpg 11 - 0ZCNlnp.jpg

10 - Zf6tvSx.jpg 13 - 94CpJqw.jpg 12 - wGFDNpG.jpg

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New Bella toon wallpaper – FREE!

by on Oct.01, 2014, under General

Click the image for the larger version, enjoy! Thank you Joe for the amazing toon, you know you rock!


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