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Fashion show!

by on Jul.29, 2014, under General, Sneak Peeks

I love shopping, more specifically e-shopping that I can do from my couch, and apparently my mailman told me I’ve been doing it quite a lot. So I figured it was time to grab James and do a fashion show for him, because I know him watching me get dressed and undressed is a little bit of teasing torture and what can I say, I love teasing him! You know that I don’t hold out though, where’s the fun in that? This time though I teased him a little bit with some foreplay, I had him film me playing with a bright pink new toy that I thoroughly enjoyed wow! Afterwards he was just too worked up to even hold a camera so you’ll have to use your imagination.. at least until our next video update ;)

Click here to join in on my awesome members area to see this update!

PS – Almost everything from this photo shoot is available for sale, email me if you want to buy! askbryci at


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by on Jul.22, 2014, under General


Aww I love shoes! Especially sexy shoes that are comfy, which is really rare. Lately I’ve been kind of shoe spoiled with some cute wedges that allow me to shoot outside without sinking in to the grass. Awesome! Plus they are great for theatres, so my knees don’t end up hurting. Not sure why, but my too-short legs not touching the floor always ends up in hurt knees, unless I wear wedges.

It’s crazy cram time in the Bellaverse this week, I have *so* much company coming to visit over the next few weeks. I’m extremely excited for everyone to visit, friends and family, but it’s going to be busy! Lots of touristy exploring, which means I’ll probably end up a very dark golden brown from being outside so much. Not to worry though, I’m shooting my ass off early this week so my amazing members won’t miss a thing. I’ve got girl next door shoots, sexy costume shoots.. and a few more surprises coming up for my members area!

Today I’ve been doing behind the scenes computer work, getting everything prepped and ready to go in to my site, as well as some sexy summertime candids since I know you guys love my selfies. Hopefully I can squeeze in an orgasm or two later on ;)

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by on Jul.16, 2014, under General, My Adventures, Pets

Wow has this week been a blur! It seems like every waking second I’m running around busy, but it’s been fun! A lot of it has been “R&D” in the Bella house (research and development) with new cameras and tech toys, lots of fun! Which means of course, new angles and views for my amazing members. Be excited, I am! We just shot a photoset and video from an angle that makes all our other POV look.. well, not POV. It’s crazy, you’re going to love it!


We’ve also been getting out and about a lot, scouting new shoot locations and playing with Jack showing him the world. It’s amazing how a fuzzy little guy can take the most stressful hectic day and show me that hey man, none of it really matters. Enjoy the moment, it’s really the only guaranteed thing we have.


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Summer fun

by on Jul.09, 2014, under My Adventures

I love summer! Not as much as I love spring and fall because the temperature is just a bit more mild, but summer is just so relaxed and nice. Plus it means the easiest wardrobe ever, no fighting with my closet in the morning, just throw on a summer dress and go! No worries about panties or bras or matching or anything. Oddly I don’t have many summer dresses, only a couple actually and they’re black which was just short sighted on my part. But tonight while I was out running a quick errand tot he post office to ship out some panties, I decided it was time to check out some shopping and I actually found 2 dresses that I love!

Their mostly made for women that are 6’ tall I swear, so the straps always need shortened for shorties like me. Or maybe I should leave them.. what do you think? ;)


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Sneak Peek – Sheets

by on Jul.07, 2014, under Sneak Peeks

Heyyyy baby, slow day? Mondays bite, so I thought while I’m working on this weeks update I’d post a small teaser to get your motor running.. ;) Want to join me ?


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Memorabilia up for grabs

by on Jul.03, 2014, under General, Sneak Peeks

My closet is getting stuffed again so a few of my things need to find new homes, and I figured I’d give my fans a chance at it here before I put it up for auction ;) Shoot me an email if you’d like any of these, once they’re gone I’ll update this blog post :) askbryci at

Shorts from my newest update for members! (worn in photo shoot and hd vid members side)


Lollipop Dildo! (used in hd vid members side)

My sexy Guess wedge sandals (size 7) (worn in photo shoot and hd vid members side)


Candys matching pink/white bra and cotton bikini panties (worn in an HD vid members side):

10.jpg 05.jpg

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Consolation #bikini

by on Jun.29, 2014, under General

I started off the day feeling all kinds of turned on, so I grabbed my little point n shoot for some solo fun.. And promptly dropped and broke it. The poor thing is totalled, so I decided to console myself with a drink and a bikini :)


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by on Jun.27, 2014, under General

I loveee lingerie and how it hugs my curves and makes me feel like a sex goddess! So what’s a girl to do when she has sent her favorite stuff to her fans all around the world? Well go shopping for sexy new stuff of course! ;)


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Summer is here!

by on Jun.25, 2014, under My Adventures

I can’t believe it, it came out of nowhere this year! I’m so happy that I get to wear sexy summer dresses with no bras or panties and have sexy beach bombshell hair and enjoy sunshine and bbqs all the time. I’m having a great time, can you tell? I just got my new BBQ set up and have been eating amazingly since then, kings and queens would’ve been jealous! It also gives me an excuse to go explore outside (which I realised yesterday I still haven’t made time to go pick up hiking shoes grumble grumble) to find some secret shoot locations. Along the way I get to see the beautiful country and I’m just the happiest version of myself when I’m outdoors. So you can bet that an ecstatic B will make for some enthusiastic videos!

I spent the day yesterday trying to find places to shoot some amazing costumes for some fun roleplaying, exciting!


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by on Jun.20, 2014, under General, Pets


Mama I don’t wanna get out of bed! :P Friday is a time to relax to the max, I think we should all just make Friday a part of the weekends from now on.

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