San Diego Kinky Vacation

Best vacation ever!  James and I haven’t taken a vacation in nearly 10 years, all the trips we have been on have been planned with so much work jam packed in that we couldn’t possibly get it all done let alone have time to just relax.  So this time we planned a quick getaway to relax and zen out before the big Bella revamp that we’re undertaking.  So this trip ended up being a split birthday + anniversary + vacation in one sort of trip, I had a blast!  I definitely over indulged so some grocery shopping for clean healthy eats is in order today.  It was definitely worth it though.  We also indulged in our first threesome, well two of them, and we managed to get Aaliyah Love to join us for it!  We’ve been buds for quite a few years now, but living in different countries and all of us being workaholics just meant we haven’t had time to meet up yet.  As James and I were planning our trip, getting everything booked, he said to me, “Hey… Aaliyah is pretty close to San Diego, you should text her and see if she’s got that day off and would be willing to fly down and hang out and shoot with us!”  and low and behold the universe was smiling upon us all that day because as busy as she is, she had that day open.


So the day after we arrived in San Diego and I managed not to melt completely, we flew Aaliyah in to our little tropical paradise right on the water, and filmed the fuck out of all three of us.  We filmed a boy girl girl blowjob, POV style as I know you guys just can’t get enough of that, a girl girl scene that James filmed entirely so there are lots of close ups and fantastic angles, and trust me.. we both forgot the camera was even there.  Then the third video was a boy girl girl blowjob, edging, fuck in multiple positions for both girls, and finish with a dirty sloppy filthy talk blowjob with cum swapping.  MAN did I love getting dirty with this girl!  We both had a blast, and definitely can’t wait to get together to have some fun again soon.


After flying Aaliyah back to LaLaLand, James and I proceeded to take the next three days and just enjoy life, each other, ourselves, ALL over San Diego!  We checked out Mission Beach with the softest sand I’ve ever felt, walked along the amusement park and did a bit of shopping, then took a Lyft to Old Town and visited the old shops, bought a cute little touristy knick knack, ate some more Mexican food, and of course filmed some of our sexcapades while we were at it.  Of course.  You guys know us 😉




I had a fantastic vacation, but I am so glad to be home to my wonderful Canada which is a little bit cooler, a lot less humid, where I can sleep with my fuzzy puppies and get all this amazingly hot footage put together for my great members <3  Thank you all for the support, your support allows us to spend so much time putting all this work into our content, and will allow us to keep filming with sexy girls in the future! We’re planning to do a LOT more of that, so that it will soon be a common sort of update for my website!



2016 Calendars – Pre Order NOW!

Yes, they’re back!  I skipped last year due to not having any time to design one (did you know I design and create my calendars myself?) but this year after many many emails asking me to please do calendars again, I put my foot down and sat my ass in front of my computer to get it done.  And I’ll be damned if I don’t think this is the best damn calendar I’ve made yet.  I’m so pumped for you guys to see it!!!!!

So this year, calendars will be $30 and FREE WORLDWIDE SHIPPING! Do a dance, cause I am 😀

This year is nude but.. tasteful… not sure what sort of office you work in but I don’t think it’ll be apropriate in any office!  There are a couple girl-girl photos (yes nude, but not full on sex photos, think playboy not hustler), Candy makes an appearance, as well as MissB…. yes there is all sorts of yummy in this year.

Want your own?  My calendars come personally signed by me, and I’ll ship them just as soon as the printers get them to my hot little hands.  Shoot me an email if you’d like to order! Askbryci at

Artistic thursday

In my “set creator” (ok I’m furnishing my house and want to sound fancy) duties today I got to the fun part of something, the end! This mirror has had quite a makeover journey. I rescued it a few years ago as a gold monster, painted it a glossy black, and just recently painted the backing and edges a champagne gold, and distressed the front details to show a bit of the old gold through. 

Beauty can come from some scars 😉

Here’s my before and afters for fun!



It’s September already?!

How is this even possible?!  Just goes to show all work and no play.. well does it count when my work is play?  Yes I think so, there is a lot of behind the scenes work that goes on to run a play-website :)  Oh well, September is one of my favorite times of year, fall and spring are the best.  Not too hot, not too cold, I can sleep comfortably at night yet it’s still warm enough to wear some sexy dresses.

I’ve been keeping busy between shooting by hustling ass trying to get my house furnished, but in a way that makes me happy face.  Too often I just rush things to get them done out of obligation, and I don’t end up with something that feels like “me”.  My new bed arrived today, I painted a grey tone feature wall in my bedroom, I’m working on adding muted gold accents to my twisty curly mirror and I finally found a mattress that both James and I are comfortable on!! Considering there is about 80lbs difference between the two of us, that’s a damn feat.  Now if only we could work on that snoring… 😉

Jack and Kitty are getting along more and more as time goes on, there are less and less accidents, and we’ll be nicely settled in with them both by the time she goes in for hernia/dental/spay surgery soon.  Poor little thing!  But she will be better off for it, and she’s so full of spunk it won’t knock her down for too long.  I found a treat that both her and Jack love now, so I’ll be showering her with dried salmon jerky during her recovery.

With the cooler weather and needing to cool our brains down a bit, James and I discovered a new TV series, Mr. Robot.  Have you heard of it?  It’s amazing!  I was really surprised that almost every episode made us just want to keep watching more and more.  You should check it out, so worth it!

OK on to the photos! Yes, we have been battling a family of black widow spiders that want to overtake our house.

IMG_0691 IMG_0668 IMG_0572 IMG_0687 IMG_0579 IMG_0581 IMG_0542 IMG_0548 IMG_0689

AEE 2016 here we come!

So excited!! We just registered to confirm that the Bella babes are all going to the Adult Entertainment Expo in Vegas this upcoming January 20-23!  So if you’ve ever wanted to meet me, Katie, Aleah, or James (Mr Bella) or TC Davidson (Katie’s photog) get your pass and come say hey!

Screen Shot 2015-09-01 at 6.30.45 PM