One day at a time

Life is still pretty crazy so I’m just trying to take it one day at a time and enjoy any of the fun moments that I can.  I love taking little Jack to the park every day, him being so ridiculously excited when we get there can make me laugh through any stress!  I love my little fuzzbutt :)

Anyone who follows me on twitter (I may have blogged about it as well, I try to keep you guys that don’t have twitter in the same loop as my twitter followers) knows that I recently tried out a new Casper mattress.  I saw the reviews, people raving about them and got excited and we ordered one.  They were fast, it was free shipping even to Canada, no duty (us Canadians know how that’s such a rare thing) and it the whole process was really easy.  It smelled horrible for the first day or two, definitely air out your room for a while or you’ll get that ick chemical smell for a bit.  And then there was sleep.  Or, lack of it for me.

See, we had tried a temperpedic mattress quite a while ago and concluded that although James was a fan, I was not because I was too light.  It felt like a brick because I didn’t sink in enough, so that one got returned.  I thought the Casper would be different as it’s got a latex top and supposed to be softer than the temperpedic, and maybe it is (it’s been years since I have been on the temperpedic) but in my memory, it’s the same problem.  Too hard.  I really wanted to love it too, no springs, it’s quiet, there’s less movement if you sleep with a partner.. but I just couldn’t.  Out came the mattress topper to be able to tolerate the hardness, and we started the refund process.

I’ve got to say, Caspers customer support is great!  They made the refund so easy.  Just a quick email, they located a local charity to come pick it up and voila!  I am back to sleeping on my spring mattress and what once was too hard for me now seems like a dream to sleep on.  Though I still won’t forget the mattress at the Hard Rock Hotel in Vegas, we have hunted down the model and do plan on getting it once we’ve moved and I couldn’t be happier.

In other news.. this week we’ve been shooting a bit more than usual which is fun for me because I love getting all glammed up in sexy lingerie!  You’ll see the hardcore video this week in my black lace getup and smoking hot heels and smokey makeup… it was a ton of fun to film.  It’s so nice to be able to take a moment away from crazy life, to shut it all out, and just push record on the video camera with hubby and have a blast together.  Then, of course, share it with you guys ;)

PS – New auctions are going quick!

PS2 – What happened to Cherry? Click here to read James blog about it!



Help me move!

Well I’m not moving just yet, but it’s on the horizon for an undetermined date, but all I know is that I really don’t enjoy packing and unpacking.  So if you would be so kind as to help me rehome some of my things, that would be appreciated! ;)

I’ve listed some of my closet for auction and hope to find good homes for these things I’ve worn for recent videos, hopefully someone out there will put these things to good use.. heh!

Clicky here to check out my auctions, I promise I’ll blog more soon!


TGIF I never thought I’d see you!

Friday, wonderful Friday.. I am so glad you are here.  I have missed you, old friend.  Why don’t you stop by more often?  Monday and I fight so much it seems to stay with me for days, you should really come cheer me up more often.

Monday was such a bitch this week, probably the hardest most intense day I’ve had in a long long time.  My anxiety got the best of me and I almost had a panic attack in public, which is major suck.  I know, I’m supposed to be the fantasy girl with nothing but sexy clothes and sunshiney days, but damn did life kick my ass!  I’d love to go into it, and I will be able to soon hopefully.  Everything is fine, just making some grown up decisions (to better my life) and it’s been intense is all.  All good things coming though!  Being “lucky” takes a lot of gat dang hard work though.

My wee little cheer ups arrived in the mail though!  I enjoy treasure hunting, especially online, and found these teeny little purse pouches for something ridiculous like $.50 and free shipping, and since I’ve been pretending that I live in Paris in my head for the past couple weeks they fit the bill and finally arrived.  Yay China!


Jacky dog has been doing great, we’re still trying to adjust and readjust his diet so his belly is happy, poor little guy has so many belly problems.  But he finally got a haircut and I can see his eyes again!  Awww so cute :)


And since you’ve made it this far, how about some titties? ;)  I absolutely love living in these lace bralettes, screw underwire!


Newest book is now live!

Time for a new smutty short story!  My newest book “Scandalous Proposal” is now live and ready for download for your kindle!  Check it out, it’s free to kindle unlimited users :)  This one is about a sexy threesome (boy-girl-boy) with some bondage and spanking and light cuckolding with her husband… it’s a fun ride! Click here to check it out.