Khaleesi Boudoir Cosplay!

If you’re anything like me, you love your Game Of Thrones.  So naturally of course I wanted to cosplay Khaleesi… we all want to see more naked Daenerys!!!  Who also wouldn’t love to watch a Khaleesi blowjob… a Daenerys striptease… a Targaryen orgasm?!  Well count your blessings because I’ve got all of those coming for my members… THIS WEEK.  Yes we shot it a little late as this week has been crazy, but I’ll be working my ass off on getting the candids/selfies, high res photos, solo masturbation video, and hardcore video live for you babes ASAP.

What do we think of the platinum blonde?!  I think it might have to be here more often..

My Superhero Panties

Today we were just feeling the at home, amateur, girl/couple next door style of filming, so I grabbed some of my favorite panties and matching bra and thought that outfit was great for the video.  These little cotton bootyshorts are so comfy but so sexy!  I hope you guys enjoy the POV video we filmed as well, that’ll be going live for members later this week.  Lots of blowjob action as always, and some good doggy fucking with a creampie ending mmm!  We had a ton of fun!

We tried to twerk together.

We came, we tried, we… twerked?  I’m not sure, you be the judge.   Whatever we were doing, we have nice booties and were in bikinis so it’s all good, right?   This was a suggestion from one of our followers on instagram, so make sure you’re following us so you can give suggestions for videos in the future!  (JD and I are filming a Q&A this week for example, so go let us know your burning question in the comments at

The bikini girl-girl video we filmed will go live in our sites this week for members!!  It has been entirely WAY too long since I made Katie cum and got to feel her up, we had a lot of fun.. you’ll see 😉

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