AEE 2016 here we come!

So excited!! We just registered to confirm that the Bella babes are all going to the Adult Entertainment Expo in Vegas this upcoming January 20-23!  So if you’ve ever wanted to meet me, Katie, Aleah, or James (Mr Bella) or TC Davidson (Katie’s photog) get your pass and come say hey!

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TGIF is finally here!

It’s friday already?  How did that happen?  I swore it was only Tuesday yesterday… this week has flown by.  I’ve been busy prepping my house for future shoots, getting the last of my custom videos sent off to their horny new owners, and keeping the doggies in line.  Training Kitty has been such a pain in my ass this week, both her and Jack got sick and it seems to have set us back in training.  Oh well, at least they’re not human babies, then I’d really be complaining!

We had an unexpected trip to the vet with Jack this week and his little back paw is all bandaged up now, he actually chipped an entire nail clean off, all the way down to where it grows.  Poor guy!  He’s even on pain killers for it, my poor baby.  He will be fine, and he is sleeping a lot thankfully.

This weekend I’m taking some me time to do some exciting things like pull weeds, hooray!  My yard looks like I live in an abandoned house, I just work too much!   But apparently it looks like free reign because some random lady decided my front yard was a great place to let her pooch off leash to play.  Who does that?!  Apparently her, and apparently I’ll be prepping my yard for a fence asap so my little puffs have a safe place to play.

I’ve got a lot of “set” prep (aka finishing decorating and furnishing my house) to do next week, along with filming some sexy new sets with James for our members.  I had a hot day with my camera by myself filming some solo vids, and it’s freed up some time for me to dedicate to filming new hardcore vids!  I’ll be shooting some photos along with these as well, I can’t wait!   SO much work to do, but I love it!  We’re also working so many hours behind the scenes on tech stuff, websites and servers oh man!  It’s all got to be done though.  Thankfully we finally got a new mattress that is AMAZING and allows us to finally get some good nights rest.

Off to enjoy my evening with some spaghetti and new movies, pasta always makes life great doesn’t it?

Well.. maybe Katie coming back to my house and making me some sangria before running to my room in some hot grey yoga pants… yeah ok, pasta isn’t so great after all. 😛

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Life has been all kinds of non stop action lately, with Katie coming for an impromptu visit and us finally filming some girl girl stuff, to my dad constantly coming with truckloads of stuff from his move, to loads of behind the scenes tech work for BellaPass and all our websites, it amazes me that I actually find time to sleep!  This weekend I found myself with a day of no pressing to-do’s, so I grabbed a camera and some sexy outfits and had a fun solo day of girl + camera filming!  I know you boys love when I have some solo play time, so amateur hour it was, and I think I made some steamy ass videos for my members!


Inbetween filming videos, break time with cuddle puffs



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