I get a lot of interesting dm's. I generally don't go in there because you don't know if it'll be a polite fan or a dick pic or a dick pick from a polite fan..My husband @bellapass (JD) did a youtube video months back where he read my DM's and people seemed to enjoy it. So later this week, he's back at it, making friends..Our youtube can reached by going to bryci.tv – don't forget to subscribe!.#youtuber #ourbellalifedotcom #brycidottv #bryci #jdbella #ourbellalife

@bellapass (JD) and I are starting our Podcast next week! Want to get involved? Check my story highlight for details! It's as easy as downloading the @anchor.fm app, registering for free, searching for "Our Bella Life" and then leave us a voice message! Ask us a sextalk question or just send us some love!.Yes – we will be youtubing the podcasts as well so you can listen anywhere you get your podcasts or watch on @youtube!.Be sure to follow @ourbellalife as well!.#bryci #ourbellalife #jdbella #bellapass #ourbellalifedotcom #brycidottv #podcastcouple #youtubecouple #sextalk #sexpositive #obltalk