My threesome trilogy!

It’s finally live!  The books have been written for a month or so but not edited and formatted, and now they’re not only done but all three are live.  These books are different from my last trilogy, they’re independant of one another, meaning all different characters and plots.  Which means, 3 times the awesome.  All of these books are short erotica stories, all focused on threesomes.

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Triple Threat - (This book is FREE until Wednesday!) – When Sophie Baxter attends her ten-year high school reunion she has one goal in mind; to snag the one whose attention she could never get when she was younger. But when her prince charming turns out to be a slimy toad, Cinderella is all set to flee the ball. Unexpectedly, Sophie is confronted by two charming blasts from the past. Will the ‘triple threat’ be reunited at last.. and will past passions reignite?

British Overtake – “I guess I thought that if I ever were ever to have a threesome, not that I had ever given it a tremendous amount of thought, that it would be with two men. But as Sasha pulls my head down to hers and places her lips over mine, I begin to contemplate the reality that tonight might be my very first threesome and girl-on-girl experience.”

Katie might not be some innocent virgin but when her flatmate, Sasha, drags them out on the town for a threesome she can’t help but wonder what she is getting herself into. Sexy Brit, David, is the one Sasha chooses and so a wild night of mutual pleasure ensues.

Scandalous Proposal – When Sara’s dominant husband asks her to have her first threesome with a stranger on their anniversary she can’t help but wonder if she is up to it. Reluctantly she agrees but even she can’t anticipate how much she will enjoy being taken by another man while her husband watches, or just how many different ways both men will use her for their pleasure. Will she be able to handle being their play toy for the night?


Or if you’d like to wait, I’ll be bundling all three of these books together and releasing them on kindle as one download for a cheaper package price.  Don’t worry though, if you’re a member of my website I’ll soon have all of my books available for free to you, as a thank you for supporting my website :)

If you do download any of my books it means a lot when you rate them as it helps me find new readers much easier! <3

Newest book now live – Triple Threat

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Woot!  My newest book is now live on kindle ( and ready for download!  If you have amazon prime, my books are always free, but for the next 5 days, no matter what you get this book for free!  I’d love it if you would download it and leave me a rating, star rating helps new readers find me easier, it means a lot!

This one is second in a series about threesomes, the first one (Scandalous Proposal) went live a few weeks back and is a more domineering, cuckold style threesome book, where as this one (Triple Threat) is a happy go lucky romancy threesome of old high school friends catching up at a threesome and getting it on together in the locker room.  These two guys sure showed her a ridiculously great time… ;)

Click here to go download/check out my book!

Now I’m just gearing up to go shoot a sexy hardcore vid for next week, I’ve got James outfit all picked out.. now let’s just see if I can convince him to wear it ;)


Life, you funny.

Remember how I’ve been continually blogging, ‘Wow, life is so crazy lately!’ the universe overheard me and decided I apparently didn’t know what I was talking about.  So along with all the personal hooaa I’ve been dealing with, my dads been in and out of the hospital with tests and what not, trying to determine if he needs a valve replaced.  We found out last week that yes he does and no a stint won’t do. So they booked him in and I’ll be putting everything on pause to fly in and help him out after surgery, because really, the only thing that truly matters is our health.  I’m happy that I have a job that allows me do these things when needed.  Don’t worry though, I’m going to be filming my little ass off this week and loading you all up with the regular smokin’ hot updates you’re used to :D

At the end of this month the secrecy veil will be lifted and I will let you guys in on what’s going on in my personal world!  I’m so excited, I can’t wait to share it with you all ;)

PS – I’ve got auctions up right now that are ending this week!  Help a lady clear out her closet and she will be grateful !



How did we get back here so fast, damn it Monday! :P  Oh well, today sort of is an off day for me, in the sense of I’m working and tying up lose ends, running errands, but there is no pressure I’m putting on myself.  Some places are open, others are closed, I can’t ship off any store goodies as the post office is taking a nap today instead.  But I’m answering my fan emails, getting custom videos scheduled in, and organizing a whole other ton of stuff in my personal life.  Sorry for being so vague on that lately guys, it’s just so stressful and so much that’s going on that I’d just rather keep my naughty blog my fun escape :)


With that said, my dad is going in, maybe, for heart surgery this week.  Way to keep things light B! :P  They’re bringing him in for a post op incase they need to do surgery, and it’s more a test/checkup.. but if they see a valve needs replaced while they’re in there, they’ll be fixing it.  So we won’t know until later Thursday what’s gone on.  I’m thankful he has a lady friend with him to take care of him though, this appointment came out of the blue and I thought I’d be dropping life to fly cross country to be with him, but thankfully he has someone there to take care of him.  I’m trying my best to keep my mind occupied though so I don’t worry myself too much this week.


This weekend I was supposed to be baking with family but they weren’t feeling the best so it was just James and myself left to enjoy each other ;) Oh, and this strawberry shortcake with a purple bunny, and a movie night out to see Furious 7.  It was a lot better than I thought it would be!  Loved the fight scenes with Jason Statham, and wished The Rock had made more of an appearance.  It was fun though, and I devoured the entire popcorn bag this time, though I did let James have a few pieces :P


The yard I have been dreaming about all weekend