Weekend fun

This weekend I got out and about since it’s finally been beautiful here in Canada, no parka weather!  So off we went for a drive all around wherever, no direction in sight, just going to see what we see.  A chai tea latte and blueberry scone found it’s way into my hands which made the day even better.  Then came some crazy spring cleaning, I went back to my minimalist roots and decided so much of my stuff was just clutter and it was thus taking up space in my brain. I swear I could list off every single thing in every single storage space, cabinet, or closet in my condo.  If it doesn’t have a purpose or I haven’t used it in a year, buh bye!  Thankfully (for him) I stay away from J’s office, it’s the one place I won’t go donate crazy.  So this weekend, instead of the original plan of donating everything to the womens shelter, I asked my bro’s girl friend if she wanted any of it and low and behold she claimed it all.  So a quick trip to their place and I had made her a happy girl.  Though I must’ve had much more stuff than I should have because today I look around and everything is the same, I feel like I’m not any less stuff in my house which caught me off guard, but I’m sure I’ll find it useful when trying to navigate my closet.

What did you do this weekend?



Titty pic I snapped for Ms Ariel Rebel because she didn’t enjoy my scenery photos too much.