Sexy Peach Lace Panty Set Try On!

I love doing these videos for you guys!  I can’t really show much because it’s youtube, but I’ve been having a lot of fun buying new outfits to test out, and I’ve been finding some great ones!  This one might be one of my new favorites, what do you think?

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The newest curvy try on!

I’m not sure if you can tell, but I AM LOVING MY CURVES!!!!  I’m super happy that I am finally happy with my body, my confidence came to say hello, and I’m really digging spreading that positivity to others as well as helping some curvy babes find some sweet stuff to wear to fit properly.

SO if you aren’t subscribed to my youtube channel (please go subscribe, it’s free and it really helps me!) you might’ve missed my last Lounge Underwear try on review that I did, in this sexy satin bra and matching satin thong set, yes I’m going to be shooting in it asap for my members!

What do you want to see me try on next?  Anything popular you’ve seen on instagram or anywhere online that you’d like to see me try on in my next youtube video?