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True friends, trust, loyalty and all that’s missing

by on Nov.25, 2014, under Diary, General


Maybe it’s being self employed, maybe it’s working in adult, maybe it’s both.. or maybe it’s just getting older and really, where do you meet friends? I’m a pretty big homebody most of the time, and working at home means I don’t meet many people, but when I do it’s always “So what do you do?” in the first 30 seconds. I absolutely love what I do, and would love to be a voice of the strong women who choose to work in adult responsibly and treat it like a career path rather than a quick buck or all the other unfortunate possibilities of getting in this industry.. but I just don’t. I keep my work and my personal seperate because it’s just easier by far.

I’m a pretty opinionated and passionate person, which has made it a bit difficult to make friends through my life, but the friends I do have will tell you I’m fiercly loyal and I wear my heart on my sleeve. I go above and beyond to help my family and friends, but I hope for the same in return. Why is it that so few people in the world are genuine, and want genuine friends? Or maybe everyone that fits that bill is like me.. a homebody that’s quiet and shy in the everyday face to face world :P

The friends that I do have actually mostly work in adult! I’ve met girls through twitter and cam and working with them through the years, I’ve met amazing people (like Katie who I consider my best friend) and I’ve met some really shitty hurtful people who have ripped my heart out and stomped on it repeatedly. I go into every friendship treating people like I’d want to be treated, so it hurts like hell when someone from the start is two faced and only thinks about themselves, etc. Ahh how I could turn this into quite the negative blog quickly! But that’s not what I intended :)

I absolutely love helping people. I love people helping me! I love friends that look out for each other, and I do think the world has a lot of kind and genuine people, who want someone to have their back and for that person to have theirs. I like to think in this world there are people who are like me, who will get an email or someone reaching out for help or guidance and will honestly help that other person as best they can. I don’t have all the answers, or advice, and certainly have no clue about how someone else’s life actually is. But I’m always open to helping or just listening, I think the world would be such a great place if everyone was a little bit more compassionate.

And here’s a big open letter thank you to all my fans, who look out for me online and send in links to fake profiles, or people trying to hurt my business in any way. You guys are the little angels in my life, who look out for me because you love what I do, and you do it for no reason other than to help me :)

Thank you!!!! <3

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Rock out!

by on Nov.24, 2014, under My Adventures, My Girlfriends


Last week James and I decided it was time to blow off some steam and party harder than we have in a long time. Which of course meant I needed to get Katie in on the shenanigans.. I just love taking any opportunity I can to corrupt her sweet little soul :D So off we all go, myself and James and Katie and TC (Katie’s photog and all our good buddy) for dinner and drinks… and drinks.. and more drinks. Then the concert! We went to see Motley Crue on their final Canadian concert, with Alice Cooper as well. I love myself some Motley Crue, but after seeing them twice in as many years I have to say I was mostly excited to see Alice. I had a chance to see Alice a couple years ago and I was going to bring my dad as a surprise but things went haywire and we all didn’t end up being able to go. I LOVED seeing Alice!!! Ahhh so much fun :D


And of course, whenever Katie and I are together we just have the best time we can…


We ended the night and could barely talk from shouting (at the devil, of course) and my hearing was shot as well, and I’m still trying to load up on as much water as I can because I drank like a fish. TC and James just kept bringing Katie and I drinks, I think they were planning something… 7 or 8 beer later (on a girl who normally can’t drive.. or walk.. after 1) I was feeling pretty good.

Mr James bought me a couple shirts for my band shirt collection woohoo!

bryci-candid.jpg bryci-candid1.jpg

All in all, a really really great time and I had such a blast :D Motley, we will miss you!


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Deep breath

by on Nov.18, 2014, under General


Was today actually Monday and I looked at the calendar wrong?! Yup, today was one of ‘those’ days. Such is life, you can’t appreciate the sunny days if not for the cloudy days right? But wow, today, you can sure kiss my ass! After a super long hassle at the shipping center with someone who enjoyed power tripping way too much, I went shopping for a big fan only to try multiple stores and not find what I was looking for. Bah! At least now I’m home with my doggy and my feet up relaxing on the comfiest couch in the world, about to watch a hockey game.

On the upside, this morning the postman delivered James’ birthday gift to me, and of course I opened it early… tada!!!!


If a phone could be sexy, it would be this phone. I hold it like it’s actually made of gold because my case hasn’t gotten here yet and am so scared of dropping it. Nay, the term “dropping” actually isn’t close to what I do with my phones, when I drop my phone I fumble it around trying to catch it I often somehow bounce it higher in the air, causing it to drop even further down and tumble once it hits the ground. Ugh. The feels, every time it drops. Thank goodness for insurance? Heh, thankfully I haven’t had to use that yet, and I’m crossing my fingers I won’t.

Here at the Bellaverse we’ve been on a mission to streamline the behind-the-scenes things so we don’t burn out or have a nervous breakdown, because wow, there sure are some days where it feels like we’re carrying around the weight of the world and still there are tons of people asking for more more more. Thankfully we love what we do, took a breather, re-evaluated some things and life has gotten easier (and better!) because of it. Yay! That’s all you can really ask for right? If you’re doing something and not getting a result you like, the only way you will get a different result is if you change what you’re doing. Want a big change? Then you need to make a big change.


If you’ve made it this far, here is my booty as thanks for reading my rambling, in some sexy cheeky shorts I love.. don’t mind the panty lines of my bikini-style panties I was obviously wearing right before I snapped this pic for my blog :P

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Sexy Saturday and a brand new porn site!

by on Nov.15, 2014, under General, My Adventures

Screen Shot 2014-11-15 at 3.38.36 PM.png

James and I created a free little couples blog that we can share called over the past few weeks, I love it! I’ll still blog here of course, but if you want to read about our exploits (from both of our points of view) bookmark or RSS subscribe to our new little blog. We’ll be populating it over time and adding something cool in the near future (when we can magically create an extra couple hours in a day sometime) lol! So keep your eyes peeled :)

I’m off to spend the weekend with family and get out and see the world with JackJack before the craziness of getting back to work on Monday! Hope you have a great weekend <3

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by on Nov.13, 2014, under General


It’s that time again… time to make my closet usable again (clear stuff out) and find my lingerie new homes! Memorabilia, wank material, stuff for your own closet, I’m game for whatever you want it for, but it’s gotta go so I can buy a house heh! Clicky here to visit my auction page!

This time I’ve got such a wide variety of stuff up for auction; panties, pantyhose, stockings, roleplay outfits, kink lingerie from my MissB closet, lots of goodies! All have Buy It Now prices so you never know when they’ll disappear so grab what you’d like quick!

I have so many photos I’ve shot just for things from my personal closet that I auction off that I was wondering if it was time to throw it in a set of candids and upload for my members, what do you think?

It’s almost Friiiiidayyyyyyy! :D


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Free wallpapers – SFW versions!

by on Nov.10, 2014, under General


Thanks again Jeremy, these wallpapers are awesome! As always these are free, click the thumbnails for the larger versions :D

2bryci.jpg 3bryci.jpg

4bryci.jpg 5bryci.jpg


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PS I hate facebook

by on Nov.05, 2014, under General

OK that’s a bit much, but it’s a catchy title right? Honestly though I don’t hate it, I actually have never once used it. When I say that to people, even in the real world, they don’t believe me, and sort of don’t know what to say. I’ve even seen businesses that don’t have websites, but they have a facebook! Err.. actually, I can’t see any of their stuff without being signed in to facebook.. really?

Anyway, I just wanted to write on my official personal blog, that I don’t use, never have used, and never will use facebook. There sure are a lot of people pretending to be me (read: men that will try to get you to send them money) on there! It burns my cookies but unfortunately there’s squat I can do about it, so why waste any effort on getting upset? It’s up to you to know not to send money to the Phillipines to “me” but actually sent to some dudes name.

I want to teach everyone quick about a great little tool I love, called reverse image search. If you go to, click on the top tab that says Images. Then, save any photo, perhaps of me, or someone on facebook, to your desktop. Now, drag that image right in to the search field in google image search.

Tada! Google will now tell you where else that photo is online, on other websites, and sometimes if it’s a popular image of a person it will even tell you what it thinks their name is!

I just tried it with one of my pics, and here is a screengrab of what it showed me:


Well holy balls look at that, it tells you my name, finds more images from that set, and links to lovely affiliate sites promoting me. Yipee!

So now you have a tool to make sure that girl you’re talking to really is who she says she is, and not some adult model/actress. It happens so often, and I know the girls I talk to it drives them nuts as well, so please feel free to teach others about this wonderfulness :D

If you want a more detailed guide on how to reverse google image search, check out: is all the Bella ladies online profiles, 100% up to date (updated the day something changes). If it’s not there, it’s a faker, period. I’ve heard “Oh, but Victoria (that’s Bryci’s real name) told me that she doesn’t have this facebook profile listed on BellaProfiles because it’s private and she doesn’t want lots of fans on it…” BULLSHIT. I’m sorry babe. I’m happily married and definitely don’t have the time to message random strangers on facebook. When I do have a few magical free moments I’m outside with my puppy Jack enjoying the sunshine and fresh air ;)

Hope that helps to clear things up a bit :P


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When everything looks it’s worst…

by on Nov.05, 2014, under General, My Adventures, Pets


Today was one of those days, know what I mean? They start off and everything that can go wrong, does. Thankfully I’m just being a little over dramatic, and things could have gone way worse, but I pushed through and kept on with my “Spin It!” mindset that seems to help push me through the cloudy times and I finished out the day having filmed an awesome fun sex vid that was a lot of fun and started off on a shopping trip.. ah you’ll just have to wait to see ;)

I do hope that drip in the back of my fridge freezer isn’t something horribly wrong with it though..

Last night was a late night shopping trip and as always I ended up coming out with more things than I went for. Little JackJack ended up getting a parka though, so it wasn’t all bad!

Here’s to hoping my pamper-me session tomorrow takes my mind off all the doom and gloom and I walk around feeling like a Queen for the rest of the day :)


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This thing called life

by on Nov.05, 2014, under General

IMG_2169.jpg IMG_2175.jpg

I grew up knowing I didn’t understand or want the normal cookie cutter life, but I really didn’t have a direction other than “creative”. I did fall into adult, but honestly I am so glad I did. I love my life, every single day. There are hard days, but I attribute that to simply being self employed and running a business that also involves several other people. As the other Bellas will tell you, I’m very much Mama Bella when it comes to worrying about them and making sure everyone is happy and having fun. Nothing in life is worth it if you’re not happy. Anyway, my life changes day by day, trying to have fun and be creative with my website, as well as staying on top of tech and things like that, means I’m always learning something, what I like to call our R&D time (research and development). Learning new cameras, settings, lighting, angles, scouting locations, checking weather forcasts, booking and traveling to shoot locations, phew. Seriously every week is totally different than the last, and I definitely don’t have enough hours in one day.

On top of work, lately I’ve been helping out where needed with family as people are relocating and that can be stressful. So, enter Mama B trying to make sure everyone is happy, and I’m up past my eyeballs in worries some days. But it’s all good, everyone is appreciative and I feel my best when I’m helping others smile.

We’ve entered in to that bleh time of year, it gets dark fast, it’s too cold to take off my pants outside, and winter tires are needed. So shooting becomes a little difficult, but as any other Canadian would tell you, it happens every year and you just make the best of it. For me, that means planning some hot roleplay videos to be honest. I’m going to push my boundaries and see what James and I end up with.

Winter in Canada means my favorite passtime becomes a lot more prevalent; movies! I tried to watch the above movie just a few days ago but really wasn’t feeling it, normally rewatching a movie in 3D makes it seem almost like a different movie, but this was the slow sad Harry Potter, so I’m going to move on to the next one this weekend and bust out some eggnog and rum. ;)

I’ve scheduled another pamper MissB appointment for Thursday, so excited! I figure it’s time to treat the birthday girl (yes I celebrate all damn month long, all these years have taken a lot of hard work)! ;)


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Time for more videos!

by on Nov.04, 2014, under My Videos

More videos equals more orgasms, so I think it’s a great idea :D You don’t object do you? In addition to my usual Thursday fun, I’ll be throwing in another video for my members on Mondays. Who knows what awesome fantasy I’ll have up my sleeve, you’ll just have to wait and see! Since we missed Monday this week, we figured why the hell not add a video today (Tuesday) in addition to Thursday?

So, you get to overhear me talk dirty to Jimmy on the phone, when Daddy busts in and catches me… oops! I’ve been told this is an awesome position to film in, what do you think? Maybe I’ll have to ask James to try it out on me next time we film!

Not a member yet? Time to sign up for the fun, especially with DOUBLE the video updates!


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